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Jayhawks' Gary Louris & Ed Ackerson to produce The Wrenfields third album

January 31, 2006 - Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Alt-Country band, The Wrenfields, will be heading to Flowers Studio in Minneapolis , Minnesota this February to record their third album, with Gary Louris of The Jayhawks and Ed Ackerson of Polara producing.

The Wrenfields' first album 21st Century Pioneer (2001) and follow-up release Seconds (2002) were both produced by Tyler Brown ( Mark Olson, Victoria Williams ), and collectively sold 10,000 copies. “Every Now and Then”, the first single from Seconds , made its way to the European Country Charts, and both albums have received international critical acclaim. The band's first two releases also won Best Recording in the Country Category at the Detroit Music Awards in their respective release years. The Wrenfields showcased during the 2004 Detroit Music Awards at the State Theater in Detroit , Michigan; in 2005, The Wrenfields were Special Honorees.

Gary Louris has formed a production team with Ed Ackerson, and the pair is actively collaborating on both established and developing artists. Some of their recent work includes the soon-to-be-released Golden Smog album and Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion's critically acclaimed 2005 album Exploration.  Flowers Studio is owned by Ackerson and home of Susstones, a record label/multimedia collective that creates video clips, animation, and MP3s. 

The Wrenfields' new material reveals a more interpersonal side of lyricists and co-lead singers Noreen Novrocki and John Pyro and unleashes yet another side of this versatile band.

For further information please contact Matt O'Bryan at (313) 999-4464 or matt@wrenfields.com.  The Wrenfields website is www.wrenfields.com.