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12/30/03 More year end accolades for Rainy Day Music...RDM was named by the editors of No Depression magazine as their #1 album of 2003! The list will be up soon online and the latest issue of No Depression will hit newsstands this week (T-Bone Burnett on the cover).

12/18/03 Good news! The Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting the First Avenue shows (Dec. 19, 20, 21) will be recorded for a live album. Also the Jayhawks were named the top artist of 2003 at WYEP Pittsburg and was #1 on the WFUV New York listener poll.

10/22/03 The recently released paperback version of Songbook by Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, About A Boy) includes "Some New Favorite Songs 2002/2003" including "Tailspin".

10/15/03 The show The New York Times calls "the standard bearer for music on television" - Austin City Limits - continues its exploration of new musical territories with diverse artists including The Jayhawks. The Jayhawks episode, which also features Gillian Welch, is scheduled to air nationally January 3, 2004 on PBS (please check local listings). This episode is part of Austin City Limits' 29th season which began airing Oct. 11. The Austin City Limits' Web site features a transcript of a post-show
interview with the Jayhawks and will soon feature a video clip preview of the show and much more. We're adding new content to the site daily. Check out: http://www.pbs.org/austin

08/19/03 A recent Entertainment Weekly featured a column titled "Ready or Not, Here I Come" written by author Stephen King. In it he noted his current favorite movies, books and pop music includiing a mention of the Jayhawks: "What I'm not interested in is ear candy. There's a place where you can put that, and it's not in your ear. I think that stuff should crawl right out of the radio speaker and get in your face. I think it should interupt your life. Consequently I love the Jayhawks, like the White Stripes, and have no interest in Celine Dion."

07/02/03 The Jayhawks are currently touring the US in support of Rainy Day Music. Check out a rave review in the Washington Post!

04/17/03 Rolling Stone is reporting that Rainy Day Music has debuted on the Billboard Top 200 at position #51! It is the highest position the Jayhawks have ever recorded on the Billboard charts. The album sold 19,000 units in it's first week.

04/08/03 The new Jayhawks album Rainy Day Music is out! Initial copies include a 2nd disc with 6 bonus tracks. The vinyl version will be out on April 22nd.

It's true...the Jayhawks' 1989 album Blue Earth is being re-released with bonus tracks on April 22nd in the US.

03/12/03 The new Rainy Day Music release dates will be April 8th for the cd and April 22nd for the vinyl.

03/06/03 Lost Highway is in the process of putting up a Jayhawks website. Thejayhawks.net will be debuting soon, check out the preview.

02/05/03 Lost Highway has announced more information about the Jayhawks new album Rainy Day Music which will be released April 1st. Initial copies will include a limited edition cd with 5 bonus tracks. There will also be a vinyl release. The first single will be "Save It For A Rainy Day," please request it at your friendly neighborhood radio station! The tracklisting is as follows:

Stumbling Through The Dark
All The Right Reasons
Save It For A Rainy Day
Eyes Of Sarah Jane
One Man’s Problem
Don’t Let The World Get In Your Way
Come To The River
You Look So Young
Tampa To Tulsa
Will I See You In Heaven
Stumbling Through the Dark(acoustic)

BONUS TRACKS (available on deluxe CD release and vinyl release only)
Fools On Parade (originally released as a Spain exclusive track for
Mondosonoro Magazine)
Say Your Prayers (demo)
All The Right Reasons (acoustic version)
Caught With A Smile On My Face (demo)
Tampa To Tulsa (acoustic version)
Waiting For The Sun (live acoustic performance April 26, 2002 at The
Women's Club, Minneapolis, MN)

01/22/03 The Jayhawks have had to cancel their Jan/Feb US acoustic tour due to Gary falling ill. View a letter from their management. Please note that the date opening for Crosby, Stills & Nash and the European tour dates have NOT been cancelled...

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