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Old 09-02-2014
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Originally Posted by axeeugene View Post
So just to recap: Guy quits band. Remaining members of the band carry on without him - to greater success, mind you, than they had when said guy was in the band - and guy grouses that they shouldn't have continued to call themselves by their name. Guy runs into money troubles and begs to be let back into said band. Band lets him back in, but his "precondition" for his supplication being accepted is that he gets what he wanted in the first place and band doesn't get to call themselves by their name without him. Guy quits band again and grouses with further vitriol in the press about not getting what he wants.

Some classy shit going on here.
Without knowing more, I hesitate to put all of the blame on Mark. We don't know (well, *I* don't know, anyway) exactly what went down, supposed "Why dont you hit me?" comment aside. It's possible that Mark had/has some legitimate grips. I don't know. I don't want to blame Gary (and/or the rest of the band), but I don't think it's right to automatically let him off the hook either.

That said, regardless of however the StarTribune got wind of the situation initially, Mark certainly seemed to be dishing it out without restraint. It's unclear why, other than simply to vent, since he talks about "making amends" but also states "I dont ever want to see Gary Louris again". Those two things don't jive. What was he trying to accomplish?

Originally Posted by Brown Jenkin View Post
when the guy who:

1. founded the band

2. named it

3. wrote most of the songs

...asks for someone to not use the name, it's probably time to move on, respectfully.

It just doesn't look good. The post-Olson years don't seem to appeal to anyone below 45, and they're playing shows to 20 people at a rehab clinic.
It's unclear if you're attempting a failed career at comedy, or if you're severely misguided, or if you're just a troll, but regardless, just the same shit, another day. Regarding your "points":

1. Regardless of who made first contact, Marc was there from the start and Gary was a half step behind. To claim that Marc and Gary are somehow less important historically than Mark is pretty absurd.

2. Uh, what? The person who named the band is important how? Are you suggesting that Led Zeppelin should have never existed since Keith Moon, who came up with the name, was never in the band?

3. Early on, yes, Mark wrote most of the songs. As time progressed, not so much. Obviously he had very little, if any, input in the Sound of Lies/Smile/Rainy Day Music songs. And some of the band's biggest hits - Waiting For The Sun, I'd Run Away, I'm Gonna Make You Love Me, Save It For A Rainy Day, etc - were written by Gary.

As far as not appealing to anyone under the age of 45, the fans I've seen and talked to would suggest otherwise. Do you have anything to substantiate that claim, or did you just make it up? Where is this mass of fans that enjoys the albums with Mark but not the albums without him?

As I've said before, if I had the choice of going to see Mark or Gary solo, my choice would be Gary in a heartbeat. That said, there are definitely lots of Mark songs that I like quite a bit; Pray For Me is one of my favorites from the band. I don't think it's fair to Mark to be trashing him, other than to say it's an unfortunate situation and Mark's response to it seems to be questionable at best.
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