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Old 09-10-2003
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I don't care what anybody tells you Jules, that wasn't me.
Toxic Butt Buddy
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Old 09-10-2003
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LOL! @ Greekguy

you know, when i was younger, i would just say, 'i like girls, not boys.' and most guys would walk away. you can't say that these days, though. no sirreeeee! that only encourages!

You'll do whatever you please, and I'll do whatever I can.
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Old 09-10-2003
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you gotta love drunken fools at shows..

i remember a guy at a Crowes show in seattle with a huge bottle of vodka trying to start a mosh pit and pushing everyone around..

but the worst was some completely WASTED girls at the chris robinson acoustic show in LA last year who couldnt shut up even after almost everyone in the front yelled at them.. one guy even threw ice at them!! hahhah!!

oh yeah once some friends and I were pretty drunk at a ryan adams show.. but i think we didn't yell all THAT much

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Old 09-10-2003
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[quote]Originally posted by LiladyK

2) *this drunk guy* next to me decided that he really liked the way that I look.....couldn't stop staring me down....if I moved, he would move near me, I'd move again, he'd move near me again......I was real uncomfortable...after the show he drunkingly started babbling about how he had to have me, and just as he attempted to grab me, the Mr. once again saved the day for me.

well, hell, you are cute and you already know how much Idigamidget.....

just kidding, you know it wasn't me.....(well, at least not at THIS particular show!)
making all his nowhere plans for nobody
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Old 09-11-2003
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Hey Chief, I was at the Chris Robinson show at the Showbox! That dumbshit wouldn't stop yelling "CHRIS!!!". He was with a buddy that didn't shut up either. Pretty cool show, though.

What show are you talking about with the guy with the bottle and the pseudo mosh pit?

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Old 09-16-2003
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Musky I really love you guy, but I just couldn't stop laughing when I read the drug references in "Fools on parade". I'll have to tell Marc, about using his name as a drug name. You'll see, Picanyol is the surname for Marc, Marc Picanyol, one of the guys who first brought the band to tour in Spain with the Love to Art company. Actually it was Picanyol's house where Pearly stayed some days after the tour finished to spend some days in Barcelona, and I think he also contributed with some set-lists from that tour, Marc P. he was credited for Sandy I may recall. By the way, Gary was checking some houses to buy last April in South Spain, in Cádiz, 150 miles away from my hometown. That's nice

"This evening the pigeons turned to bars of gold in the sun’s last light"
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