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Old 11-03-2004
Ope1169 Ope1169 is offline
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Yes, that's what I meant.
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Old 11-03-2004
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I first went to First Avenue in 1998 for a Soul Asylum show. When I walked in, I thought to myself, "this is SO COOL! I cannot believe I am in First Avenue, this place I've only read about and considered this legendary rock landmark, and I'm FINALLY in it. THIS IS SO COOL!"

Yes, my brain was in super-excited fangirl mode that day.

The SA 20th Anniversary show that happened 3 years ago was also quite memorable to me. It just felt like a big happy party. Though I do wonder how many people went home with cake in their hair and clothes, since I remember a cake being crowd-surfed along the mosh pit for awhile.
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Old 11-03-2004
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Great thread...

Ha! Good one, Ope. (You MORON!)

First Ave: I know he's not that popular around these parts, but probably Ryan Adams' first (and only?)mainroom show touring in support of "Gold"...a marathon show with a great backup band...sounds dorky to say, but I wondered if that was what that was like seeing a Rolling Stones or Zeppelin show from the early 70s. I liked the fact that he bought a case of beer for the folks up front.

Entry: Garbage's first show ever. Probably Jan/Feb of 96? We were all freezing, waiting to get in and Butch Vig popped his head out the door and asked quizically, "Are you all here to see Garbage?" I don't think he thought that many people had even heard of them by then...great show and spent the whole night staring at Shirley from behind a monitor on the right side of the stage.
"No authority can clean up this mess we're in"
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Old 11-03-2004
Dignan's Avatar
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you guys suck!

You get to see bands like the Mats and UT at FIRST AVE, and I have to hear "My Boo" ring tones coming from cell phones while I try to listen to a band at the HOUSE OF BLUES in Hollywood.?!


Oh well, guess that's the price I pay for not having the following sentence in my vocabulary " gotta go shovel out my driveway".
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Old 11-03-2004
axeeugene axeeugene is offline
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Favorite Moments At First Ave…

I have four (am I allowed that many?):

The First Time: Monday September 14, 1992

I moved from eastern Wisconsin (the wrong side) to River Falls for my freshman year in college just two weeks before my favorite modern band at the time, Toad The Wet Sprocket, was to play First Ave. I remember having to scrounge for the $8 ticket price since I was a truly destitute student even from day one, but I made it. Two of my new college friends scored guest passes from the campus station (WRFW), so they came along for the ride and paid for parking in the payslot lot a block away. We crammed in as soon as the doors opened and found our spots front and center (funny how some things never change, huh?). Being young, foolish, and immortal, we sat on the floor for an hour and a half waiting for the openers, The Gin Blossoms (anyone who would try this in later years is mad). Around showtime, the floor was packed tight, and I got my first taste of what a sardine can in a toaster oven The Ave can be sometimes. Some all-important self absorbed teeny bopper decided it was her mission to squeeze up front after the show started, and she wedged her body against mine, assuming I'd be polite. To hell with that! I leaned hard against her for half an hour, refusing to budge from the spot I'd earned…and eventually she left. I got a Mad Magazine collector's card from the pack the Gin Blossom's singer was tossing about, and Glen from TTWS handed me a cup of water when it got insanely hot in the pit, and that's about all I remember.

Jeff Who?: Thursday October 30, 1997

On the second leg of the "Being There" tour, Wilco came to First Ave and rocked the house. This one is a simple favorite: Tweedy happily announced, "This show is going to be almost exactly like the one we played last night, so everyone who was here then can just go ahead and leave after the first four songs…We're also a lot more heavily medicated tonight…" And what followed was Everything A Rock And Roll Show Should Be: whirlwind guitar licks, scissor kicks, mic stands flopping around, screaming, bodypassing band members into the crowd, tossing equipment offstage, handing a torn shirt to an adoring fan, and "Passenger Side" done in every musical style known to man. KICK. ASS.

Tokyo Son Volt: Monday November 15, 1999

When I was still a member of Postcard, a very nice girl from Japan named Satomi Takashima posted, asking for help on her upcoming concertgoing tour of the US. Would someone give her pointers on what to do and see during her stay in MN? I responded and offered her all the help I could give her, from taxiing her about to hanging out with her at the show. I met her downtown, we visited Let It Be on Nicollet, and then…we went on a pilgrimage to the holiest site in all of Jayhawkdom… Hollywood Town Hall. We took pictures, laughed, and had a grand old time on the prairie, after which she said she was "deeply moved." And to top the day off, we even got to see Son Volt afterwards! Satomi talked with both Peter Bruntnell (the show's opener) and Dave Boquist. I think it's safe to say she had a good time. I know I did.

Love The Jayhawks: Saturday December 18, 1999

This is a LONG story which some of you already know, so I'll shorten it: I sat next to a girl at the Hawks' New Year's 98-99 show. I thought she was cool, but she left before I could mention that to her. A year later, by chance she posted to the Jayhawks mailing list, and I knew it was her. We talked, decided something like fate was at work, and went to see the Jayhawks together in Fargo. A few days later, she came down here to see them again at First Ave. We held hands before the show, hugged and swayed to the music during the set, and went home, where we decided…"You know, I think this could work." We dated for almost four years, and I can safely say she's the best thing that ever happened to me. So much for the music… It's the place itself that counts sometimes…

Christ…this might just be the "Longest Post Ever." If anybody actually makes it this far, PM me or something. I have to stop running on at the mouth, I think.
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Old 11-04-2004
ChiefCrowe's Avatar
ChiefCrowe ChiefCrowe is offline
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I never got to see a show there sadly, although i had planned to.
thanks for sharing the memories, i know how you feel!

great post axeeugene!!
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Old 11-04-2004
Emmylou's Avatar
Emmylou Emmylou is offline
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Every show is better at First Avenue!!!!!!

the best ever was Joshua Redman Quartet...totally blew me away....

But the last show of Sarah Lee and Johnny with the all star band was GREAT too followed by Old97s..........good times always....!

Still awaiting my perfect musical moment like Greekguy had.
Great story Greekguy....soooooooo happy you are so happy you lucky dog!
Happy New Year

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Old 11-04-2004
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Great post axeeugene....brings a lump to the throat!
While we sleep they go to work
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Old 11-04-2004
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What a great thread! I love reading your stories. I can't believe that 1st ave has closed it's doors!

I've only been there a few times but I will say that my finest memory is hanging with some great friends at a Black Crowes show there in 1998! It wasn't the best Crowes show but afterward as the boys came off the stage my good friend got to shake Chris Robinson's hand and she was SO thrilled! Good memory for sure!
The stars look good tonight...

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Old 11-04-2004
muskytoes muskytoes is offline
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"oh I live this life....and I love it" Joe King

I could probably write a book about all the show's that have made a lasting impression on my soul.

Some of my favorite moments that spring up in the front of my mind are:
Pulling people up off the floor during a Bad Brains show and getting a bloody nose for my kindness.
Every Fishbone concert.
Primus on the Frizzle Fry tour.
Being thrown over the soundboard at A Nirvana show.
Eddie Veder jumping from the upper deck onto the crowd.
Every Mighty Might Bosstones concert.
Supersucker's with Rick Dee's.
Melvin's with special guests Melvin's and headliner's the Melvin's. Then crossover to the Entry for a Queer's set.
Every Sugar show.
Every Bob mould solo show. Just to watch Bob's shadow on the back wall of the stage was splendid.
Rev. Horton Heat on the Smoke em' if you got em' tour
PJ Harvey for the first time
Sonic Youth for Halloween
Ween for Halloween
Urge Overkill on the Saturation tour.
Dr.Demento introduces the Meat Puppets on the Forbidden Places tour.
Dave and Danny acoustic set before Run Westy X-Mas '91
Emmylou Harris and Spyboy
Seeing GWAR for the first time.
Hawkwind for the first time.
Paul Weller for the first time.
Uncle Tupelo in March of '94.
Jayhawks July 7,8,9th 1995 w/Victoria
Lucinda Williams in '96
Alejandro Escaveto in '98
Every Bottle Rockets show
Jack Logan in the Entry
Eleni Mandell in the Entry
Evan Dando in the Entry
Boss Hogg in the Entry

I'll have to go threw the ticket stub cigar box
A vagabond dreamer a writer and singer of songs
Singing to no one and nowhere to really belong
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Old 11-04-2004
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greekguy greekguy is offline
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This article from Reimensnickers says First Avenue may reopen within a week. Either way, this has been a great thread. Just think, when they build a new stadium, we can do the "What was your favorite Metrodome Concert Experience" thread. Oh, the memories...
Toxic Butt Buddy
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Old 11-04-2004
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My coolest memory of First Ave. would definitely hafta be the very first time I walked up to it and saw it on the outside...the long wall full of silver stars w/the names of who has played there written inside of each star....what a feeling that gives you, and it's fun to walk the sidewalk and read all the names and stuff....

....I won't reminisce about the worst time I had there tho
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Old 11-04-2004
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"What was your favorite Metrodome Concert Experience" thread. Oh, the memories...

Easy....Game 7 of the 1991 World Series, when the Twins won in extra innings 1-0, and Jack "Black Jack" Morris threw a complete game shutout. Seats? First deck, third row, right between home and first. My father in law's painting company had season tickets from the day the Twins came here from D.C. in 1962, and as people dropped out they would improve the seats. On the day of the game, at breakfast, at the Poodle Club I might add, he says "I don't want to go to the game. I'd rather watch it at home. I'm giving my tickets to one of my men". Needless to say, "one of his men" never saw those babies.
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Old 11-04-2004
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My god Musky you rock man,I know of no one else out here who knows Hawkwind.I havent heard that name in years...good pull man.
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Old 11-04-2004
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Hey guy's I have a question. if first ave closes for good what's the alternative. I've never been to first ave, I was hoping to see the new Son Volt there next year. I read somewhere that one of Dave Alvin's favorite places to play is The 400 Club. I've never been there either. is that a reasonable alternative. don't kill me if it's really a stupid question I honestly would like to know. Sorry if this is off topic.
Snowflakes make your bones ache in the winter.
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