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Old 09-26-2008
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Obama/McCain Drinking Game

Whether the debate happens or not doesn't really matter to you. It's a Friday night, and you'll be drunk either way! On the off chance this thing does go off without a hitch, though, you should be prepared. Which is why we're pleased to bring you the Official First Presidential Debate Drinking Game!

Obama/McCain Drinking Game
Rules for the 2008 Obama McCain Debate Drinking Game:

Every guest gets two drinks, of different types.

Every time Obama says “change”, switch drinks.

Every time McCain says “change”, drink more of the same.

Each time a moderator/commentator makes mention of how “cool and calm” Obama appears, take a drink (preferably of the frozen drink variety).

Each reference to McCain’s years as a P.O.W. - salute the TV, then drink

Each reference to Obama’s community organizing - organize a community waterfall (for use only with groups… obviously)

Drink if either candidate’s answer to the first (or last) question starts with, “Thank you for having us here tonight…”

Drink when any candidate talks about some fictional or real person and their problems. (likely something involving a choice between diabetes medication and gas for her trip to see her blind grandchildren.)

Take one drink per each friend who couldn’t make it to the party every time one of your buddies complains that Nader isn’t in the debate.

Any time McCain says “Fight”, steal your neighbor’s drink

An IMMEDIATE pint-of-beer chug if McCain adds the creepy smile to his blinking.


John McCain refers to himself as a "maverick."

Barack Obama rolls his eyes when John McCain refers to himself as a "maverick."

Barack Obama refers to himself as the agent of "change."

John McCain rolls his eyes when Barack Obama refers to himself as an agent of "change" and says that he's the one who represents change.

John McCain brings up the fact that he, unlike Barack Obama, "gave everything but this life" to his country while a POW in Vietnam.

Barack Obama brings up the fact that he, unlike John McCain, doesn't own more houses than he can count.

John McCain equates Barack Obama with a lack of experience.

Barack Obama equates John McCain with George Bush's eight years of experience.

The big one- drink if either says “terrorist”

Every time we hear McCain say “my friends,” don’t drink. We will get alcohol poisoning.
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: B. Springsteen
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Old 09-26-2008
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Originally Posted by Balloon Man View Post
Each reference to McCain’s years as a P.O.W. - salute the TV
Can I sue for RSI?
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Old 09-26-2008
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Originally Posted by Balloon Man View Post

Each reference to McCain’s years as a P.O.W. - salute the TV, then drink
Jesus, he canes that doesn't he? Worse than Rudy Guiliani. All that ever came out of his gob was a noun, a verb and "9/11".
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Old 09-29-2008
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I was watching this, a bit, but the Twins' slaughtering at the hands of Kansas City was more "exciting" that night...
*This fella, it seems, he's known guys like you his whole life too. (J. H.) *
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