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Originally Posted by lukpac View Post
To each their own, and I'm sure even plenty of Gary fans will disagree with me, but I've found the Gary and "Gary and friends" shows over the past few years far more entertaining than the shows with the 1995 lineup. The relatively static setlists of the full band shows didn't help. As always, I hesitate to be too critical, because I don't want it to seem like I'm ragging on the band, but "meh" is what I often felt at the full band shows.

Also, thumbs up to PD's post.
They are a personal favorite of mine too. They were fun and I hope Gary does more of them.

Two thumbs up for PD's post!!!!
Gary to me at the Old School show: "You say some of the sweetest things on the board!" (10/25/08) Gary Louris is like a classic Gibson SG. He will never go out of style.
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