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Originally Posted by sacred roots View Post
C'mon, Gary's hot. One of the female radio hosts on a session Gary did this morning said so.
I didn't knock his looks. I just don't think it's fair to judge Olson's old time granpappy act when Louris has a little church lady going on.

Nope, hardly grown at all since 2011. The metrics on the band's FB page (likes, shares, etc) were off the hook after the reissues and tour announcements earlier this summer, comparable to band's who have substantially bigger FB fan numbers (like Wilco, for instance, who have roughly 10x the number of FB fans as the Jayhawks). They certainly blew away the numbers - adjusted for # of fans - for anything during the MT era. I do this shit for a living - trust me.
I've been visiting the page for a long time, and the Likes really ramped up during Mockingbird Time and the festivals. The last two years have added even more.

Tomato / tomahto. Pointless to argue tastes, but I do know - and have the evidence to back it up - that the number of people who complained about no SOL/Smile/RDM material being performed during 2009-2012 was substantial - and I continue to hear it to this day, long after that era has ended.

And no doubt the people calling for Olson to return was also substantial after he left (myself included). This forum is just one sample size.

In comparison, you can count on one hand the number of people who have complained about the lack of HTH/TTGG material in recent set lists - or for Olson not being in the band for that matter.
I, and everyone I know who is into the alternative music scene were extremely disappointed that Olson left. These are the people who showed up during the Mockingbird Time tour, when there was quite the buzz, and the Jayhawks actually had new material out.

The truth is that the MT era created an "elephant in the corner" situation that eventually crippled the band. You and others may prefer not to hear the SOL/Smile/RDM material performed live - and you're perfectly entitled to that opinion.
I never said that. There are some great songs there. The problem with that era was consistency. Gary was amazing at bringing three or so five star caliber tracks, and Olson's steady songwriting filled in the rest.

Now, for every "Angelyne" there's a "Come to the River" or "Madman". Not to mention faux-Lennon clunkers like "Don't Let the World Get In your Way".

But you have to be delusional to deny that a significant number of people do want to hear that material, something totally understandable with a band like The Jayhawks who have generated fans for all eras of their long career, even ones that you don't like. Call me crazy, but I don't think it's exactly career suicide to offer up a setlist that makes some attempt to cover all eras of your output.

Something happened to the Jayhawks when Olson left, and it happened to him, too. The Jayhawks need a producer, a whip-master. The songs became draggier, slower tempo, less tight, less focused, and sort of clunky. They were at their best when they almost had that At San Quentin speed thing going.

They had great energy on the Smile tour, and despite whatever went on behind the scenes during Mockingbird time, the energy was back big time.

Wow, are you serious? Do people choose to get cancer? Dementia? Do people choose to become addicted? Speaking as someone who has lost family and dear friends through addiction I can't imagine how screwed up a person must be to say something like that. Yeah, people just decide to become addicts all the time. Can you really be that insensitive and uncaring? If so, you're pretty much a horrible human being and I have no hesitation in saying that.
Sorry, I've worked with dementia patients that didn't drink or do drugs their entire lives. I've met kids with cancer, who never took drugs or drank.

Please don't lump in addiction with diseases that choose YOU. These kids didn't go to a pharmacy or a bar for a year and order up scripts or vodka and practice.

You don't work at getting dementia or cancer. You don't consciously choose, over months and years, day in and day out to get those diseases.

The proof is in the pudding. The Jayhawks just reissued three albums and are on the road supporting them billed as The Jayhawks, as is their right, while Olson is slinging dirty laundry in the press.
Sure, that is their right. And it's my right (and others I know) to find it unseemly.

The fact that he hasn't done anything since 1996 speaks volumes.
Yes, it does. But not in the way you think.

The band is so far over this that it's not even funny. They haven't even given it a thought for several months until the recent article in the Strib. Nobody in the band gives 2 shits about this "story" because nobody in the band is living in the past.

Right. No one in the band is living in the past. They're only touring on three recently-out-of-print albums from a decade+ ago.

Meanwhile, Olson is releasing an album of all new music this month.

What was it you said about "pudding"?
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