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Originally Posted by sacred roots View Post
And what age group does a guy wearing grandpa vests and ugly sweaters appeal to? OK, sorry that was a cheap shot...
And how is that any different from Gary's Dana Carvey Church Lady look?

something born out by the near universal praise for this years shows to be found in the social media, something that most definitely wasn't the case a few years ago (especially in 2012).
I'd say the Jayhawk's Facebook presence has grown considerably since then (Like's etc), so not really a fair comparison.

Also, unlike the 2009-2012 version of the band, the current lineup is performing music from all eras of the band's long history while, understandably, concentrating on the material from the recent reissues, making for a much more pleasurable fan experience.
I'd disagree there. I found the Mockingbird time tour setlist much more interesting. Then again, I like rock music, whereas the post TTGG stuff is more like muzak.

Speaking of which, the implication that playing a "rehab clinic" is somehow a "bad" billing (ala Spinal Tap playing an afternoon tea party at an Air Force Base) is particularly offensive and only an ignorant

There are much worse things than addiction. Like ebola, or dementia, or stroke. And you don't have to work at those for years to get them, nor do you choose them.

The band in its current lineup has every right to earn a living supporting albums that were made after Olson had quit the band, and to do so using a name they are perfectly - and legally - entitled to use. For someone to take issue with that - and to use vague, unsubstantiated "promises" as evidence
So Olson and his manager are lying?

Bitterness and negativity are terrible personality traits and will surely pave the way to estrangement from proper society, not to mention a surefire way to guarantee an increasingly irrelevant career.
It sounds like Olson really struck a nerve.

Regardless of who did what, or what the bottom line truth is here, or who's self-centered or who's bitter, Olson's wishes, as founder of the band and name, should be respected.

It's time to hang the Jayhawks up. As a longtime fan of both sides, I think it's embarrassing, and classless to continue on for the second time, as if nothing was learned.

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