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Gary on new Matthew Sweet album

“Country Girl” in particular features some big names and is a real standout for me, how did that song develop?

It’s actually named after a Keane painting we have called “Country Girl.” It has this super, space-alien-looking girl who’s supposed to be in a country outfit and we got a big kick out of it. We had just found it right around when I started the song, so I used the title “Country Girl.” I didn’t grow up on a farm, I didn’t have a youth that was very related to the way that song idealizes the country, it’s just kind of what I wrote.

And it features Gary Louris (The Jayhawks).

Yeah! The Jayhawks were playing a big outdoor festival here in Omaha called Maha, I later played it myself, it’s very near where I live so a friend and I went over and I went to see them backstage and asked if he’d play on something. Gary was pretty busy, they were working on a new record, but he knocked out a little bit of singing and guitar playing on that song as well as “Nobody Knows.”
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