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Sala Apolo, Barcelona, Sept. 22nd. 2016

After a long hiatus of many years, I decided to enter this FanPage again to share with you my feelings about the concert of The Jayhawks, last night in Barcelona. I haven’t been following them much in the last years so I’m kind of catching up with their music again.

When you have been a fan of them for so many years, and you have grown old listening to their music, you tend to believe that they are somehow “yours”, especially when a band is so approachable as they are, when you have records signed by them that you treasure, when you’ve had your pic taken with them many times, and so on.

So you make the mistake of thinking that they kinda owe you “something”. And that’s the feeling I had last night at the Apolo. That they owed us a little more. Not that the show wasn’t good: it was. Sound was great, set list was made to please the audience (I think), with many “classic” songs and not so many of the new ones, Gary’s voice was great as usual (Tim’s too in “Tampa to Tulsa”, a song that I love by the way), they made kind of an exhibition of great guitar performance… but they played for roughly 1 hour and a half and they left us recalling their first shows in Spain, with nostalgia of a time when they had so much energy, they seemed so grateful for us being there, so friendly, so willing to give everything they had in their souls that night.
Now that I think about it, I think that’s what they were lacking last night: their soul. They were just efficient and brilliant like oiled machines, but showed very little soul to me. I don’t know, maybe this is just me, or maybe it’s only that we have all grown too old….

Anyway, it was good to see their faces again on stage. Here’s the set list (almost copied/pasted from the show in Utrech, except for the very last song of the encore):

Waiting for the Sun
Leaving the Monsters Behind
The Man Who Loved Life
Stumbling Through the Dark
Quiet Corners & Empty Spaces
Tampa to Tulsa
Two Hearts
The Devil Is in Her Eyes
Big Star
Comeback Kids
Take Me With You
All the Right Reasons
Save It for a Rainy Day
Lovers of the Sun

Settled Down Like Rain (Gary Louris solo)
Angelyne (Gary Louris solo)
I'll Be Your Key
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
I'd Run Away
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