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Name change for Jayhawks? (Jawhawks)

Imagine my chagrin. I settle in my recliner after a tough day at the office. A smile creeps across my weary face, as my grubby hands clutch the June 2017 Uncut magazine with a bright, sunny summer of 67 cover with a promise of a review of the new Ray Davies album within its pages. I quickly skim to page 29 for the review of "Americana", curious to see their take on Ray and most importantly his backing band. Though the review favorable, especially to our hometown heroes, I'm taken aback as the Jayhawks were repeatedly (3x, every time they were mentioned) referred to as the Jawhawks. I tried three different pairs of cheapo reading glasses, convinced my eyes were playing tricks on me. But, no, it was true. A sane man would move on, but I could not. I've rifled off my first letter to the editor to a music mag. Sacred roots, I suggest you do the same.
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