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That's awesome! did they have any good stories they told you?
I've never really got to hang with the full band.

Originally Posted by JayB View Post
I love it when they hang out... a couple of us spend quite a bit of time chatting with Gary and Mark after their Glasgow duo show. That was cool.

And back in 1995 (I think... it was the Tomorrow The Green Grass tour) they played my little town in the Netherlands... a friend of my friend (who I was at the gig with) played in the support act... the Jayhawks were meant to play and run to get to Germany for the next night's gig, so they'd told the support act they could invite peeps backstage as they would be gone anyway... so my friend and I were invited backstage to drink the beer the Jayhawks were given by the organisers... the Jayhawks ended up hanging with us for like 2 hours as we all drank our way through their rider... chatting about all sorts from music to life to living on the road... that was a cool experience.
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