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Originally Posted by theweekend View Post
Sister Cry without Mark seems impossible. How did it go?
Judge for yourself. Here's Sister Cry from the night before, live streamed from Madison:

Sister Cry is 11:35-19:05

And here's a pro-shot version from Sellersville:

Sister Cry is 1:36:15-1:42:40

Sister Cry was pulled out of mothballs on this tour for the first time since the 2009-2012 period with Olson, where it popped up occasionally. Before that it was played a tad over 100 times from 2000-2004 without Olson and, of course, many times during the 91-95 era. My favorite versions are from 2000 when Gary and Kraig Johnson often engaged in very memorable guitar duels, sometimes pushing the song past the 10 minute mark. These 2017 versions sound fantastic - a very welcome return to Jayhawks setlists.
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