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Greg Trooper passed away

I remembered I wrote about Greg Trooper years ago on this section of our fanpage. I expressed on my thread my admiration for Greg´s music. I have no doubt to rate him among the very best along with Steve Earle and some others. In 2015 I learnt that he was diagnosed cancer when he made it public. He has battled this damned illness since that year, and finally this damned illness has taken him from us on January 15th.

I feel devastated and for the first time in my life I have literally cried the death of a musician. Somehow he was part of me. One of a kind and had the privilege and honour of helping him recording some of his records in these hard times for most of the musicians. I even asked him once to play a house concert in my hometown, Bilbao. We would discuss it in his next European tour. His main concern to play that concert was if enough people knew about him in bilbao to attend the concert. But was ready to come.

Thanks, Greg, for all the great music you have left us, but you have died awfully too soon. RIP
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