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KGSR Rarities for Download

These may have been shared before but I haven't seen it and maybe some of the newer people don't have these.

Every year Austin, TX's radio station KGSR releases a benefit CD compilation of bands that have appeared and played in their studios over the course of that year. The Jayhawks have appeared on three different volumes; 1995's Volume 3 included Blue, 2000's Volume 8 included I'm Gonna Make You Love Me and 2003's Volume 11 included Save It For a Rainy Day.

So now, thanks to the miracle of YouSendIt I can share these with 25 of you. Whoever downloads these should repost once the link runs out. Cheers!!

Blue - 1995

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me - 2000

Save It For a Rainy Day - 2003
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Or decent job or a helpin' hand
Wherever somebody's strugglin' to be free
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