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Originally Posted by paradoxguy View Post
My question is admittedly somewhat trivial, but curiosity pushes me to inquire--do any Jayhawks tracks feature backing vocals by Marc Perlman (aside from his lead vocal turn on "I Hear You Cry"? I don't have most of my Jayhawks CDs on hand to check, but I have been viewing many clips of live Jayhawks shows and Perlman doesn't sing in any of the ones I've seen, and is sometimes the only of the 5 Jayhawks not singing.

Hey Ken,
Many on the board are more qualified than I am to answer this question, but I can't think of any recorded tracks that Pearly sings back-up. And live, either with the Hawks or Golden Smog, he isn't even mic'd for vocals. When he plays with Janey, I'm not sure if he sings at all either.

I do remember seeing him mic'd on a few TV performances of Save it for a Rainy Day, and saw him approach it a time or two, but didn't really hear anything.

I can play my guitar and sing, but cannot while I play bass for some reason. Maybe it's a challenge for Pearly too. We know he CAN sing. He just doesn't much. And the guy can write some great tunes too. Very talented. And, on occassion, he'll smile :-)
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