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Kraig's "new" album -- the one that has been in the works for the last coupla years, the one that was originally scheduled to come out last fall in Europe -- still hasn't come out. Best guess when it will be released: early next year via Bittersweet Records in Spain with, hopefully, a domestic release to follow. There are many reasons for the delay, but there's no doubt that the sudden flurry of Smog-ish activity this year has pushed his solo stuff back a notch or two. In the interim he has continued to record new material -- he could prolly release a Sandanista length opus at this rate. The only place to hear his new stuff the last few years has been in concert; he has been playing several of the new songs during increasingly infrequent Program gigs locally. He also uncorked some of the new solo material during a tour earlier this year in Spain with Gary Louris.

Kraig's 7 song self-titled EP/mini-album that was released domestically in Nov. 2003 is long out of print, although there supposedly are still copies of a Euro version (released by Bittersweet with 3 extra tracks) still floating around in the cyber marketplace. Trying to get anything directly from Bittersweet is, to say the least, a frustrating experience. My suggestion if you ever come across a copy of the 2003 release: buy first & ask ???s later.
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