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Originally Posted by mystic_spiral_3 View Post
My last visit was yesterday.

I know some people got fed up with the trolls. I know some, for lack of better words, "bad blood" went down between people. I guess I lucked out--I ignored trolls and the people I just didn't think I'd get along with personality wise, and hopefully didn't piss anyone off here.

So, on a rational level I get why people left/don't visit that much. But on an irrational level, sometimes I wish you guys would visit here a little more often.
You're always a good spirit on here. I am sure you didn't piss anyone off.

For me, I did not leave because of anyone or disinterest (trolls or not). I have not been around because I have spent all my spare "internets" time on facebook. There I can talk about the Jayhawks, Black Crowes, Cardinals, or any of the bird bands I love so dearly. It was merely a way to connect to my family and friends in one place - nothing against this place. The friends I have made here and my love of this band will never change. This community has a real connection still. <3
The stars look good tonight...
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