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Originally Posted by Balloon Man View Post
Bought two tickets last minute and met a couple friends who live a mile from there had dinner and drinks at the Keswick Tavern accross the street. My wife went over their house with the wife, and her husband went to the show with me. (My wife is not a huge Jayhawks fan but he is)

So we say our goodbyes and head into the show figuring to have a couple more drinks inside the venue. Charming old theatre with great acoustics.

A few songs into the opening act (Tift Merritt) they scan our tickets & we go in and head right to the bar… there is nobody in line. One of the 3 bartenders says “we are closed”

WTF???? Excuse me???? Closed?????

“At the artists request, we won’t be serving during her performance”

Excuse me???? Closed????? WTF????

Everyone around was just as shocked as I was, you couldn’t even buy water. Apparently it was a bit noisy and she had a hissy fit on stage and yelled for quiet.

So after her snoozefest of a set they re-opened the bars and you then had to wait an hour for everybody to get drinks. The Jayhawks took the stage to a 2/3rds filled theatre because everyone else was still in the lobby getting drinks.

It was really weird
I wish I would have known you were there. You should have looked us up. That is truly WTF about Tift snoozefest Merrit's demand that they close the bar. That takes balls. Husband and I got there early and got a drink before the show started, but I did notice that the bar line was from hell at one point. I thought she was kind of boring. My husband liked her.

I don't think the audience was too dead; I was hooting after almost every song. Gary seemed pissed about the Fuzz Face screamer. Nutshell and I talked to him very briefly after the show, and he seemed in a not great mood to me. Mark didn't come out to interact with the fans at all, which seems weird to me because Mark is always very sweet. I got the feeling some bad vibes were going on behind the scenes. Who knows. I'm overly sensitive. Maybe Tift Merrit was being a general pain in the ass all around and it affected the mood of the band. I do know that no one was getting signatures or photos with her after the show.
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