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Thanks, Nuria! Who knows?

Highlights of the show, in my opinion: the whole night was perfect, but to point out something:
1) Trouble - I got The Man who Loved Life in Barcelona! - and this terrific song in Bilbao. Two great songs from Sound of Lies.
2) Stumbling through the Dark. One of my favourite songs from Rainy Day Music. Love it. They opened their unforgettable show in Vitoria/Gasteiz in 2004 with this song.
3) A break in the clouds. From Smile. Pure nectar. It took me back to 2001 when I first saw them at the very same Kafe Antzokia. Uuuufff.
4) All of their classic songs. Perfect time to hug and hold your friends and sing or shout as beasts!
5) The new songs. Fresh air and the evidence that the Jayhawks are back for good!

So, thanks for coming and playing and letīs keep the good vibe!
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