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I just did what I did the last time they played a tv show (Letterman), and hunted around at local venues for 'Hawks-friendly artists that the guys might check out or join onstage. (I doubt there will be any NYC Jayhawks shows added.)

Found two interesting things, though neither will happen (but if they did, as John Your Pal would say, they might be interesting):

First, coincidentally, the band Smog -- NO, NOT GOLDEN SMOG -- is playing the Bowery Ballroom on 8/2.

Better yet, on 8/5 the Yardbirds -- now reformed, but without Clapton, Beck, or Page -- are playing Maxwell's in Hoboken.

Wouldn't it be a kick to see Gary play that fuzzy lead on "Heart Full of Soul"!? I'd love to see that. Not going to happen, but cool. Anyway, if takemewithyou gets any inside scoop on a show, secret or not, I like to think she'd tip us NYC locals off...

-- GM
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