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I think that you're confusing two different and unrelated aspects of music making. A defective mix doesn't have anything at all to do w/the style of the sound that is recorded. And vocals that break up and clip, are recording volume related problems.

Also, RDM may be 'stripped down' in comparison to the last 'Smile' release and SOL release post Olson, but I personally wouldn't classify it as 'raw'.

Mark Olson's solo post Jayhawks CD December's I think that's 'raw'...and no breaking up/clipping/mix/production problems there.

Still waiting for Amazon to deliver my official one...lil ears here are still burning on the DJ advance copy for now!

No, I thought I made it perfectly clear that I was not confusing a raw recording style with a possibly defective disc. I love the album, I love the approach they took to recording. I'm just trying to make the point that the vocals on my copy of the CD sound clipped...that's all. Just wondering if other people have noticed this; aparently they have.

No offense, but I don't see how you interpreted what I wrote as a sign that I can't tell the difference. I wasn't the one who called RDM "raw" in the first place anyway...I really couldn't care less what adjective is used to describe it. It's a great album and I've been listening to it around the clock, but I wish I didn't have this nagging feeling that something went a bit haywire when they mixed it or mastered it or whatever.

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