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At the Beacon, Mark politely stepped aside during Tampa to Tulsa and hung out with Perlman. Thought it seemed normal since it gave Tim the spotlight and allowed the crowd to see him. (It was also the only time Perlman interacted with anyone else in the band.) Mark O sang part of the chorus in Angelyne at the Beacon and it seemed pretty normal to me. I guess it is all perception.

I was thinking this morning about the whole "what songs should Mark learn" thread. After seeing the show, it clearly doesn't make sense for the band to do too many songs where Gary and Mark aren't singing together. As much as I might like to hear Trouble or SIFARD, it would be weird having Mark step aside frequently or just join on one line of a chorus. It was great seeing them sing together and no issue with mixing in a song or two for Tim or from various solo efforts but as a whole I think the band is using the right formula.

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Marc seemed disinterested in any song (Tampa, Angeline etc) that was put out while he was not with the band. The audience was DEAD (perhaps from the lack of liquid refreshment) - seroiusly almost no one was standing/dancing/grooving.
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