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Kafe Antzokia, Bilbao, September 24th, 2016

And the band played "Lies in Black and White"! Yes they did, and they made me a very happy man! Id like to think that they did so because of my request!

It was an awesome night. The Jayhawks are loved in Bilbao as they are in many places, and the crowd showed its love on Saturday night. From the very first song until the very last we sang, clapped, sweated and jumped. And stayed quiet when the time was for SDLR and Angelyne by Gary solo. Amazing!

The tour has come to its end. I have been lucky enough to see them twice -Barcelona and Bilbao-, and honestly, I rate both shows among my best Jayhawks ever. I even tempted my wife to give me a lift - I dont drive- to see them in Aviles last night in their final gig of this tour, but she quickly discouraged me with her eyes.

All in all, great!


-Waiting for the Sun
-Leaving the Monsters Behind
-Stumbling through the Dark
-Quiet Corners
-tampa to Tulsa
-Two Hearts
-Devil is in Her Eyes
-Big Star
-Comeback Kids
-A break in the clouds
-Lies in Black and White
-Save it for a Rainy Day
-All the Right reasons
-Lovers of the Sun
-Id Run Away
Settled (solo)
Ill be your key
Im gonna make you love me
Bada Time
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