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playin it now...

Ok, found it, it's playing now....the Club Zimba

I remember why I didn't hear the whole thing....I thought that whoever transferred it, had the speed up a lil too fast. Not a lot too fast really, it's not bad. And I got the 11-14-93 originally sounding really fast, like the Chipmunks were singing it, but someone adjusted it for me.

Yeah, Lenno, "Everybody Gets By" is on here and it HAS a bridge! It's beautiful and complete.

Ya know how the 11-14-93 one goes "this one is so new, we haven't even written a bridge for it yet"

I hate to say this, but I'm gonna solicit someone to maybe "Cool Edit" this or something and slow it down a lil....really, it'd sound better. Someone who is able to do it relatively soon. Over to the Bunkhouse I go.

Lenno, I can hub this for you today in a folder w/your name on it (I eventually want to trash this copy and hub one of more natural speed for the majority....these guys just sound pumped up on 5 cups of coffee double time)

Darling Today is on now.....done just a lil different, man! Nice! I like it better than the CD version.

the radio between track stuff isn't all that bad, I've heard worse....
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