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GreenGoddess 05-14-2011 01:36 PM

Free Jayhawks Show in Wilmington, DE 5-21-11
Anodyne and I got our tickets--if any of you are within a reasonable distance to Wilmington, DE you can get your tickets at! Show starts at noon.

Nutshell, where are you????

LiladyK 05-14-2011 01:48 PM

Wow, that's like ....not even on their website yet....must be really new.

sacred roots 05-14-2011 05:31 PM


Originally Posted by LiladyK (Post 220918)
Wow, that's like ....not even on their website yet....must be really new.

It was booked a couple of months ago but since it's only a "semi-public" show (limited access for non conference attendees) it didn't get added to the official show schedule

kmweiss 05-14-2011 05:44 PM

Any details on this show? Will it be a full set? Tempting, but probably won't make a 3+ hour drive for a 30 minute set.

GreenGoddess 05-15-2011 10:12 AM

Free at noon shows are typically abbreviated sets--since this is a double header with Sam Roberts I'm thinking each will play for 30-45 minutes. Since I'm only 20 minutes away it's a no-brainer and I've been stressing about tickets for over a month.

nutshell 05-15-2011 09:43 PM

I'm IN!! :)

ungere 05-19-2011 12:27 PM

Just got this e-mail from WXPN:

The 11th Annual Non-COMMvention, bringing AAA radio and industry insiders and XPN fans together for three days of musical discovery starts TODAY!

The conference is sold out, but we'll be broadcasting live from World Cafe Live at the Queen in Wilmington, DE the following performances. (There are still a few spaces left for the Free At Noon Concerts on Thursday and Saturday.)

Live Broadcast Schedule:

Blind Boys of Alabama
John Popper & The Duskray Troubadors

Over The Rhine
G Love
The Head & The Heart
Thurston Moore

Free At Noon
Raphael Saadiq
Ben Harper

The Civil Wars
Bright Eyes
The Cave Singers

The Sam Roberts Band
The Jayhawks

Here's the link to register:

It will be broadcast live too.

ungere 05-21-2011 12:16 PM

Coming-up in 15 mins!

JoMama 05-21-2011 12:20 PM

You go to the website for the live-streaming and you can also hear the latest Thurston Moore album there---sweet! :)
Listening to the Sam Roberts Band, pretty good stuff! :D Thanks ungere!

Nice: The guy says "The GREAT Jayhawks are coming up in a few minutes".

Anodyne 05-21-2011 03:52 PM

I just got back from this wonderful show with Nutshell and GreenGoddess. We talked for quite a while with Gary and Mark after the show. What sweet gentlemen they are. They both recognized us and we all laughed about us being middle-aged fan girls, and of course they took photos with us. The guys were very relaxed and seemed to be in great spirits. What a wonderful time. Nutshell made me promise not to post the photo, though. ;-)

doriann 05-21-2011 04:06 PM

guilder annie
miss williams guitar
take me with you when you go
she walks in so many ways
black eyed susan
real light
over my shoulder
i'd run away

GreenGoddess 05-21-2011 06:36 PM

I had a chance to chat with Marc P for a minute and he was charming as always. He seemed to think nothing of traveling all the way to Wilmington for a 45 minute set when I thanked him for coming out. I managed to get myself right up front. Quite a coup for a vertically challenged girl!

bryguy 05-22-2011 04:20 PM

Sounds like a great time. I just love the fact that all the Hawks are genuine and kind to their fans. That says a lot about them.

wheelhousetunes 05-22-2011 05:25 PM

Some very cool person recorded this and upped it to Dime. Here's the link:

girl incognito1 05-22-2011 07:02 PM

Sounds like a blast!!!! Thanks Anodyne for your cute review! :) :D :cool:

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