View Full Version : Sheffield notes

05-17-2003, 12:32 PM
I was really impressed with the venue having only previously being to the arena.(Dylan & Neil Young). This was perfect for an intimate acoustic show, and the signs were good with the first thing we saw was that it was completely sold out. There was about 500 seats, and a good majority were filled to give David Poe a good reception. It was easy to appreciate the different genres of music he went through, and his humour was acknowledged by most.

When the Jayhawks came on I felt that Tim's voice was a little loud in the mix, (or he was just shouting) but this was sorted after the first two songs. What followed was an outstanding array of songs taking in a pleasing amount of HTH, TTGG, and SOL. highlights included 'Settled Down Like Rain' and even 'Haywire.' The cover of Neil Young's 'Expecting to Fly' was an inspired choice, and I look forward to seeing the man himself at the Apollo on Wednesday night.

I also wait for the next tour with the full electric band which Gary promised the crowd, and would like to see Jessy Greene from the SOL tour and either Karen or Jen back to build up the sound. Triple harmonies! Brought back good memories of the Smile tour (Old Fruitmarket). When David Poe added his voice, the sound became noticably bigger.

All in all The Jayhawks proved that they have the talent. What would Robbie Williams give to have Gary's talent? (What would Robbie Williams give to have any talent?)

A fantastic night!