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05-16-2003, 06:09 PM
What a album the opening track is why the Jayhawks are so special, In the history of music there have been some great co vocalist's Don/Phil, Gram/Emmylou, John/Paul but with Mark & Gary you can add them to that great list.

She's Not Alone - Ld Gtr is awesome, just a great song.
Will I Be Married - Harmonica intro-great - very youthful song - cant imagine Mark writing this now.
Dead End Angel- Mark song- Gary lead - not one of my favourites.
Commonplace Streets - long song - Mark pulls it of, the band play well, Gary's guitar is great.
Ain't No End - Good song.
5 Cups of Coffee - Fantastic, love the lyrics, reminds me of winter.
The Baltimore Sun - Another Gary Ld - nice song and again great guitar parts + great Harmonica by Mark.
Red Firecraker - Gary song + Ld - nice chorus.
Sioux City- One of the albums highlights - Gary great Ld Gtr (check out the live version from German TV circa 95)
ISDNIY- nice song.
Martin's Song - very different from HTH - Mark Olson ending
an Olson lead album with a classic (love the part were Mark nearly laughs 2:50 in) and great Gary ld gtr playing proving what a great guitar player Gary is.
4* out of 5*

06-04-2003, 11:21 PM
The remastered one that's just come out also has Fingernail Moon, Two Minute Pop Song & Nightshade on it. Blue Earth was the second CD I ever bought. First was the Gram Parsons twofer of GP & Grievous Angel. After that I bought a CD player so I could enjoy them!My personal fave has always been "Dead End Angel" but I love the whole thing (including the three "new" songs). Main difference of Martin's Song from the HTH one may just be the drummers (plus playing it at concerts).

06-05-2003, 07:55 AM
Man, I still haven't got this album... whenever I think of buying it I end up buying something else!!

Next album I buy... I swear!