View Full Version : Seattle show review

05-19-2006, 11:31 AM
Received this review from a fan:

I didn't write down the setlist. I think it was about
the same as the others you have posted. They said the
management (I'm assuming venue) told them to do 2 sets
with a 15 min break so that's what they did. Also in
the encore they played Martin's Song, I think it was
the first time as it was a little rough and short.
Gary seemed to remember the song better than Mark, he
kept looking over to see if they were gonna repeat the
"time ahead" part a third time at the end- which they
didn't. Afterwards Mark made a comment that they
hadn't rehearsed that song but it's really easy and
anyone could play it. Mark also said he hoped they
would be back again next year, to which the crowd went
nuts. One guy in the crowd yelled out "Jayhawks can't
die!" and I think Gary said something like "who
says?". They looked and sounded great, it was a real
treat after having suffered through a Ryan Adams solo
acoustic show a week earlier to see such class and
perfection. Both guys were really friendly and
talkative and seemed to be having a great time. The
songs from Rainy Day Music got the biggest crowd