View Full Version : Jayhawks Uptown Bar MPLS 9-27-91

05-07-2003, 01:03 PM
King of Kings
Take Me With You
Leve No Gold
Sister Cry
Stone Cold Mess
Two Angels
Bring Yours Eyes Down Low
Crowded In The Wings
Won't Be Coming Home
She's Not Alone Anymore
Martin's Song
Nevada California
Up Above My Head
Tomorrow The Green Grass
Red Firecracker
Aint No End
Your Learning
Will I Be Married

I definitley remember this show. (I lived 2 1/2 blocks away)
Who needs a poor man's Leave No Gold when you got the real deal here. Wichita early in the set is kinda weird. Bring Your Eyes Down is a highlight. Takin' it way back for Crowded in '91 so it must be a real old song. Early version of Won't be Comin' Home for Jony. She's not Alone is fun and boppy, almost funny. Nevada California, well it's almost worth sending Glacier a copy of this show, just so he could rave on about this one. Up Above My head is another highlight for sure. TTGG in '91 hummm, just how old is that song??? Red Firecracker ends the set!!! Smokin' Hot Aint No End that's epic to say the least. The Louvin's "You're Learning" I could never forget that one. Will I Be Married ends the show and I remember leaving with a vampire girl who drank way more than I ever could.....good times indeed.