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NY Fan
04-13-2003, 11:46 AM
I'll try to write a full review, musky-style, later on. For now, here's the set list:

Two Hearts
One Man's Problem
Bottomless Cup
Settled Down Like Rain
Nothing Left to Borrow
Jennifer Save Me
Man Who Loved Life
Crowded in the Wings
5 Cups of Coffee
Drivin' Wheel
Save it for a Rainy Day
Waiting for the Sun (Gary solo)
All the Right Reasons (w/ James Mastro, my buddy, on accordian)
Seven Year Ache (at my request; first verse only)
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (then -- ! -- chorus to 'Someone Will'!!!)
Reason to Believe
I'd Run Away

-- GM

04-13-2003, 11:59 AM
What you got the first verse of Seven Yr. Ache???
Gad-zooks man!!!
Full on musky review I like that!!!
How 'bout that 5 Cups of Coffee???
What no Sixteen Down???

NY Fan
04-13-2003, 12:56 PM
Five Cups was great, no 16 down...

So: Yes, Stephen was there, played a lot of banjo. Also played slide, pedal-steel style, but on a resonator. Great sound. Some acoustic, too.

Anyway, as they took the stage and prepared to start, knowing that they begin often with "I'm Gonna...", I yelled out for "Someone Will." Gary smiled and said something like, "Yeah, Someone Will, hmm, that's a great song..." I fully believe that what happened later was due to my yelling that at the beginning.

Well, Two Hearts was great, nice mellow bginning. One Man's Problem followed, and was just super. Nice harmonies w/ Tim as always.

Smile was next (and this is a good time to mention Gary's setup, which seemed to be: Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere, into a Maxon Overdrive pedal, into an Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb, into a Boss tuner. Whole thing powered by a Voodoo Pedal Power II). Gary could be an endorser for the Rotosphere, which you players will recognize as the finest duplicate of the old Leslie spinning-speaker thing in pedal form. He used it to great effect on Smile and throughout the night. Seems to lend some treble as well as the swirly stuff, and is just great.

(I wonder if he will add it to his electric set up, instead of the MXR Phase 90 he's been using for a while; but that's me. You may wonder other things...)

Well, Tim went into Bottomless Cup, and Stephen played his slide bits here. I don't think of that as a particularly 'country' song, but the slide parts somehow worked here. Interesting sound combo.

Angelyne was next, and just terrific. Gary in fine form; has anybody noticed he sings and plays with his eyes shut like 95% of the time, as my wife noted? (Capo 2nd fret, for the players.)

Newest version of Settled was next, and a bit different, and very compelling. This is my wife's fave 'Hawks tune, and she dug the version. NLTB was next, and then an awesome version of Jennifer Save Me (capo 2 again), with Gary doing a bit of a freak-out at the end -- not the maelstrom that ends that 'Smog record, but quite wild nevertheless, esp for acoustic. Rock!

Man Who Loved Life followed, which is in my top 5, so I was digging it. At the end of the song, Gary asked somebody to bring him a Maker's Mark; we thought he was joking and laughed.

Along the way, I should say that Gary was in a great mood, bantering with the crowd, telling people who asked that he felt great. He was pretty funny.

Clouds, w/ Tim on vocals, was next and sounded quite nice, and then Tailspin (capo 2 again) which got everybody moving. Lots of banjo by Stephen here. Crowded in the Wings was next, and nice as always, followed by 5 Cups of Coffee which ended with Gary seriously asking Tim Easton as he left the stage (he played mandolin) to get him that drink. So Tim works through the crowd (no backstage at Maxwells), goes to the bar and brings back a round for the boys! Gary said, "I love you Tim -- and not just because you brought me the drink I asked for and nobody brought me." Crowd goes "awww...."

Drivin' Wheel was next and Tim sounded good, followed by Trouble, where Gary gave Marc tons of credit for writing it ("with just a little help from me," Gary said). Marc takes a bow, literally.

So Save It... came next and folks, Gary played without a capo. I was surprised since most tabs I've seen have been capo 2 or capo 4, but NO CAPO. Sounded TERRIFIC, though, and people really dug it. Blue closed it out, and the boys exited, but...

Gary didn't! Without a backstage, he was kind of stuck, so he said, "okay, just pretend that I walked offstage, and you guys applauded for a while, and I came back!" Got ready for "Waiting", which people were calling out for, and he said "getting predictable, I know, but what can I say" or something like that.

Then my buddy James Mastro, owner of the Hoboken shop the Guitar Bar (www.guitarbar.com), steps to the stage with his accordian. Gary intros him. (Long story short: James old band the Health & Happiness Show opened for Golden Smog a few times, and he and Gary have kept in touch; James was playing guitar & stuff for Ian Hunter -- that's right, Mott the Hoople -- two summers ago and Gary joined them on stage for the Craig Kilborn show; James also came up and played mandolin a few times at the Bowery Ballroom shows last year, etc. etc.)

Fantastic version of All the Right Reasons, and James stayed up there for the next song, but before they could go further people started calling out requests. Somebody asked for Somewhere In Ohio, and Gary said, "No -- no, won't be playing that one..." (?). So I call out for Seven Year Ache, and Gary goes into it (!), and the guys join in. Terrific sound. After the chorus, Gary lets it trail off with a few kind words about Roseanne Cash. (I kind of knew Gary would play it since I asked last year at the Bowery Ballroom show, and same thing happened.)

So then they go into I'm Gonna, and it ends, and people are cheering, and Gary goes, "Well, yeah, but this is how it used to go: And plays the chorus to Someone Will!!! My wife and I went wild, and so did a lot of other people there who knew their shit. Gary said some words about how he still likes the old version best or something like that. Great moment; I'm pretty sure he hasn't done that chorus live for a few years -- anybody disagree?

Well, Tim Easton took the mandolin from James for Reason to Believe -- big singalong from the crowd -- and then Gary said "this is our last song" and played I'd Run Away. Great show.

One other note: At the end of one of the encore songs, place is going wild, and Gary sort of recognizes this and tears his snap front shirt open!!! NO JOKE! Place goes even crazier, guess he's showing how great he feels physically, etc., and he was laughing about it. Buttoned up, and played on. Very very funny.

Well, we've got a 9 month old baby, so I didn't stick around after the show to meet anybody if they were around this time. One disappointment: no shirts for sale, just RDM cds. Oh well.

Anybody else remember anything I forgot?

-- GM

04-13-2003, 01:41 PM
WOW! NY Fan, what a great review! While reading it, I almost felt like I was actually there.....very thorough descriptions.

LildeviladyK takes over this post by saying...man oh man....Gary unsnapping his shirt like that onstage....in Ames, he just showed us his "backside" and the crowd went wild, I know some others of you here were there too, and remember it well. I can just imagine the crowd response on this night.....Yowza!! hubba hubba!! :D

My lilopinion again: I think the best thing that the official Women's Club bootleg gave all of us to listen to is that "Someone Will" song. And the sound quality of the recording is so 'clean and crisp', much cleaner than "I'm Gonna..." from the Smile CD.

04-14-2003, 12:05 AM
Wow, go Gary!

Yeah, I remember him getting catcalls in Ames...even from some of the guys in the audience.

04-14-2003, 09:00 AM
I Bow to the New Master !!!
NY Fan you're the best !!!

04-15-2003, 02:00 PM
I saw a mini, mini version that afternoon at the in store at Vintage Vinyl in Fords NJ. Thanks for that excellent review.

04-16-2003, 04:13 PM
that was a great review. thanks for posting. i was also at the show. great time.

04-19-2003, 05:53 PM
i was up on the bench to the side and your review was rite on the money. what was the part where Gary said he had a lot of memories of being at Maxwell's in the '80s? was it about playing there or seeing a show?

NY Fan
04-19-2003, 09:49 PM
If you check around, you'll see that the Jayhawks played Maxwells in around 93, I think, but Gary was referring to shows he had seen there in the 80s. I think he referred to a band named Sold American. Ring any bells with anybody? He mentioned it a few times, and while the name is somewhat familiar to me, I have no idea who that was...

-- GM

04-19-2003, 10:50 PM
Souled American is the name of the band. From Chicago, countryish. Saw them a few years ago at Lounge Ax.