View Full Version : Jayhawks @ First Ave 7-8-95

04-08-2003, 09:52 AM
Will I be Married
Settled Down Like Rain
Real Light
Flashin' Reds
10 Little Kids
Two Hearts
Miss Williams Guitar
Dead End Angel
Waiting for the Sun
6-pack on the Dashboard
I'd Run Away
See Him on the Street Today
Sister Cry
Down to my Last Ciggerette
Two Angels
You Aint Going Nowhere
2nd encore:
Love Hurts

This is the 2nd night of 3 in the summer of '95 about 1 month before they will play at Midway Stadium w/Soul Asylum. Victoria was absent this night but played some songs the first and third nights. It was pretty obvious to most of us there that a riff had already formed between Mark and Gary. The material from TTGG was featured heavily and the new Mark songs were somewhat over-played by Gary. The flashy flying V guitar made it's debut on this tour. There was a distinct seperation in the Mark or Gary tunes. The highlight of the show was Marc Pearlman singing the Dylan tune "You Aint Goin' Nowhere". Never before and never since has Pearlman taken the mic. stand. It is one of my favorite Bob tunes and seemed like there was magic in the air, and he did it all 3 nights. I was better than Dead Shows in '95 that's for sure!!!

I know Ordinarygirl was there and she had asked me for a setlist for awhile...anything else???

Oh yeah I have all 3 nights on cass. they have never been transferred...