View Full Version : Birchmere Show

03-08-2005, 12:21 PM
It was great to see Gary and Mark together again last night in Alexandria, VA. Although the sound wasn't mixed all that well (Gary's vocals not loud enough, Mark's Bass too loud) their vocal harmonies were a pleasure to hear. Mark was talkative and seemed to be enjoying himself. Gary seemed pre-occupied at first, but eventually made a few jokes about Motley Crue. Gary also appeared to be annoyed occasionally at Ray Woods drumming , and when he turned and saw Mark balancing his large drink on his bass. I was pleasantly surprised to see Stephen McCarthy had driven up from Richmond to play a few numbers with Gary and Mark. Gary seemed genuinely happy to have Stephen there and remarked that it was good to hear his vocals backing him up on the RDM songs. Overall it was an awesome and memorable show. Hopefully it will lead to new music from these two legends. Gary seems more comfortable with The Jayhawks, and it will be a much tighter sound, when and if the re-unite. After the show Gary and Mark graciously signed autographs, chatted with fans, and took a picture or two. I told Gary that I really appreciate his music, and he remarked "Thanks, that means a lot." I told him to never stop playing and he joked that he "couldn't do this forever", with a little laugh. God Bless The Jayhawks.