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03-07-2005, 05:11 PM
Just wanted to post a few thoughts about the show on Saturday night in Annapolis-overall, it was great, just as I expected. It was my 5th show but my first was 10 years ago when the Jayhawks opened for Tom Petty, which is when I got hooked.

Mark did most of the talking, Gary didn't say much during the set, which was disappointing because he cracks me up. But I was there for the music, the harmonies were right on, and the fiddle added a beautiful quality to songs that I didn't think could be improved upon, I loved it. Highlights for me were Sister Cry, Settled Down Like Rain, Waiting for the Sun and Two Hearts never sounded as good. I had never heard Cotton Dress before, just heard about it-what a great song. The crowd didn't react to Baltimore Sun as enthusiastically as I thought they would, but I sure did.

After the show I had the opportunity to talk to Gary for a minute-always a thrill! He was gracious and approachable as always. I thanked him for coming out for us, and he signed the cd's I brought along and Vol 2 which I picked up there. I didn't comment on the "breakup" but I did tell him that it didn't matter to me what happened as long as he kept making music. He smiled and promised that he would. Good enough for me!

PS Gary was wearing the rivet jeans!