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Cautious Cool
03-01-2005, 01:35 PM
cool venue for a show. good food. great vocals...great vocals. for my first time seeing them i was loving how gary and mark let each other do their own thing, but at the same time were ON together, despite the ten years. i liked Mark on bass, but the older guy was great, and who was the drummer? having the extra bass/fiddle with a street side/empty 5gal tub drummer sounding beat from my man behind the kit.....both were a nice touch to every song.
Q1-is that Mark's dad or uncle, what is his story
Q2-what is the drummers story

mark was more animated in his facial expressions than i anticipated, he seemed to be having fun. i definitely think gary is enjoying himself in a proud/nostalgic kinda way as the tour moves along.
Q3-what was that one guy yelling, i couldn't figure out what he was saying even after 5 or so screams
Q4-that blond chick wasn't that outta hand, or was she

five cups of coffee was great as was settled down like rain, and two hearts. but i really enjoyed the whole show. i had never heard the new mark songs but they were actually pretty good.
Q5-what song did they totally start/stop and start again
Q6-are they doing any TV spots in nyc this week

anyway, a great show...:D

03-01-2005, 02:40 PM
My first Jayhawks show too. It was a nice little venue. At times a little too quiet for my tastes. I thought the drummer was too soft, made them sound like a lounge act, dinky little drum set, and just way too soft and no energy at all. There was ZERO security, I got my camera in (for pics after the show). Nobody checked anything which was surprising, hopefully someone recorded the show. The sound was great, performance was good, not much screw ups. I think the song they stopped, laughed and restarted could've been "Take Me With You When U Go". Gary screwed up the lyrics. Very funny. I was right behind the blonde chick when she went up to Gary, I didnt hear what she said. I just figured she requested a song that they couldnt play. The drunk guy in the back was just blabbing about the snow, and changing lyrics relating to the snow storm outside. Obnoxious to me. At one point I yelled something from the bar and Mark pointed to the bar and said, "theres that guy we met in the parking lot". Which wasnt me actually but still cool he made the joke to me. They came back for 2 encores this show. Unfortunately the last 2 songs were covers. Id rather hear 2 JHawks songs rather than "Reason To Believe". After the show, Gary went to the merchandise stand and greeted everyone that was there. I asked them if they could play "Darling Today" in NY and Gary laughed and said they never played that song live and couldnt remember it. He didnt know where Mark was when I asked if Mark was coming down to join him. A bit later, I went back into the concert area and Mark was onstage cleaning up his equipment, which I found odd. Gary left and was out hanging out with his friends and Mark was being a roadie. MMMM. I wound up getting autographs and a pic with Mark which was cool, I imagine not many others did that night. Mark said he was looking to get out of there cuz he was looking forward to his day off the next day.

03-01-2005, 07:57 PM
glad my ticket worked out for you. It was hell getting all that done!

03-01-2005, 08:29 PM
Scuzzles - when my friend & I were pulling into a parking lot behind the World Cafe, we were behind a large Econoline van w/ dark windows. This was around 6:45. We joked that it's probably the band. Well, when we parked next to the van, we saw that it had Minnesota plates. The passenger door opened and Mark hopped out. I rolled down my window and said hi to him, and he said how you doing and went on his way. So maybe I was the one he meant when he said "theres the guy we met in the parking lot". I dunno. Anyway, after we got out of my car, Mark was way ahead of us, and Gary was about 10 steps ahead - he had been driving the van! I tried to catch up to him, but he was in a hurry to get out of the snow - in so much of a hurry that he slipped and fell on his ass in the street. But he jumped right up and headed inside.

Anyway, that was my (near) brush with greatness.

We had a great time - cool venue, great show. I just hope we all get another chance to see them together in the future.

03-02-2005, 08:30 AM
Great great show. My friend is the house photog at WCL, you prolly saw her roaming around. I am sure she will be posting her photo's on her website soon. I have seen a lot of them and they are really good.

The drunk guy was an idiot. Apparently, he drove to philly to see Interpol at the Electric Factory, but was told it was cancelled when he got there. He was told by someone that WCL was open, so he came. Apparently he didn't even know the Jayhawks and was obnoxious all night.

03-02-2005, 08:34 AM
An idiot with half decent taste though...Interpol...very nice.And got into see the boys...pity he wasn't sober enough to realise what a great show he was at.

I hate going to shows drunk...haven't done that in ages.Spoils the enjoyment of it for me.

Cautious Cool
03-02-2005, 10:05 AM
thoughts from the Philly Inquirer today....

Sweet reunion for Jayhawks' Olson, Louris

By Dan DeLuca
Inquirer Music Critic

In the mid-1990s, smoky rock clubs grew chock-full of flannel-shirted, alternative-country acts such as Son Volt and Whiskeytown that hit the highway in search of musical authenticity, claiming Johnny Cash and Gram Parsons as spiritual forebears.

The Jayhawks got there first. The Minneapolis band made the soaring, honeyed harmonies of Mark Olson and Gary Louris their trademark on a trio of exceptional albums - Blue Earth (1989), Hollywood Town Hall (1992) and Tomorrow the Green Grass (1995).

Then Olson, 43, got sick of touring and moved to the California desert with his wife, Victoria Williams, leaving Louris, 49, to lead the band in a more pop-oriented direction. He did so with distinction, but Jayhawks fans were nonetheless left to pine for the days when the voices of the two principals reached to the skies, together.

They got what they'd been waiting for on Monday, when Louris and Olson's reunion tour came to the sold-out World Cafe Live, where there were few no-shows, despite the snow.

Backed by multi-instrumentalist Michael Russell and drummer Ray Woods, the duo played a rambling, shambling two-hour-plus show that revisited the Jayhawks' catalog with choice cuts such as "Waiting for the Sun" and "Five Cups of Coffee," while finding time for covers of the Sir Douglas Quintet and Tim Hardin.

The evening got off to a tentative start, but picked up when Olson moved from bass to piano, and Louris added Neil Young-guitar firepower to the two-chord dirge "Sister Cry."

From there, the show became a homespun charmer, closer in spirit to Olson's ragged-but-right collaborations with the Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers than previous, more propulsive Jayhawks shows. And while Louris often melted into the background, Olsen was frisky, clearly delighted to be onstage as he peppered the set with three anti-Bush songs, including one in praise of Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia and another in which he calmly sang: "I'd call you every name in the book, but women and children are here."

Before the tour began, Louris told a newspaper that the Jayhawks were breaking up. Last week he hedged, posting on a fan Web site that the band "may see another chapter if the time is right." On Monday, when he and his old partner teamed up on the gorgeous ballad "Blue," they acknowledged in song that "It's hard to sing with someone who won't sing with you." Now that they're back singing together, the time is right now.

03-02-2005, 12:00 PM
Q1-is that Mark's dad or uncle, what is his story

It is Raz- he plays with the Orig Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers- is no relation to Victoria or Mark

Q2-what is the drummers story- The drummer is from Joshua's Tree, he learned how to drum in the church (my best friend calles it "drumming for jesus"). He also is from the creek dippers, he is the most recent addition to the band- and only works with them when they tour.

03-02-2005, 03:12 PM
The blond haired girl was slightly out of hand. Instead of clapping and perhaps whistling, she was making some sort of noise that sounded like a dying animal. Why was the drunk guy yelling "Go and get it?"Is that and Interpol song?I actually kind of found him amusing, especially when he was clapping off-beat. And the whole "Snowday Tuesday..thank you Jayhawks..."line was also kind of funny. I thought it showed alot that Gary and Mark took it all in stride.

03-02-2005, 03:42 PM
The blonde was camped out right in front of me for the second half of the show. I didn't see her have but one drink, but she seemed pretty out there. Harmless though, but definitely out there.

As for the guy yelling about snow days and what not, I too found him amusing. He brought a little life to what I can only describe as an all too vanilla venue. Good acoustics, but fuck that dinner theatre atmosphere. I also doubt he was heading to the Interpol show (which ironically enough was my backup plan if I couldn't get into the Jayhawks show b/c I was running late). He didn't necessarily fit the profile of an Interpol fan, and he seemed to know some of the words to the Jayhawks songs.

And the best part is that the Interpol show was rescheduled for Easter Sunday, so now I can attend! That's five shows in five days, Ian Hunter from Mott the Hoople on Wednesday, March 23, Marah at the Marage on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and Interpol on Sunday. Awesome!

As for the show itself, I was quite pleased to see Mark and Gary enjoying playing together. They sounded great, although it seemed to me they were both a bit eager to wrap up Monday and were looking forward to an off-day.

Looking forward to NYC on Friday.

Oh, and Katie...twas good to meet you ;)