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02-28-2005, 01:15 PM
We were lucky enough to attend the Ironhorse show and thought I would share our impressions. First, the place was packed. I believe the Ironhorse holds about 300 people, and there wasn't an empty seat to be found. It was a mostly "mature" crowd despite being held in the middle of a college campus. The sound there is always great, and it's small size means virtually everybody gets a great view. The show was awesome. Gary and Mark were right on, and they seemed to genuinely be having a good time. Ray and Razz were very good as well, especially Razz's fiddle work. The show lasted about 2 1/2 hours, and included 35 or so songs. The best songs were, of course, the old Jayhawks work. We also loved Gary's newer stuff, but Mark didn't really get into the harmony as much on those tunes. That would be our one complaint. Mark's own stuff was much better live (with Gary) than on his albums, and I would say that Mark's solo work is much better live than in studio. After the show the guys hung out for questions, pictures, autographs, etc. and were very friendly. A great night all around:D

02-28-2005, 07:47 PM
yes, a great night all around. here are a few of my notes from the evening...
we found the ironhorse around 4pm and there were already a handful of people gathered outside. we decided to walk around northampton a bit more, but joined the line shortly after 5pm (when stores, etc were closing in town and there was nothing else for us to do!) While in line we could hear them playing on the other side of the door (doing a sound check or whatever the technical term for it is). it was cool because we could hear Better Days loud and clear. that was a treat! they played a few others while we stood outside but i can't remember what else right now. doors opened around 5:30 with a waitstaff seating us. tiny place and not a bad seat in the house!! and sound was even better!! my husband thought gary's guitar could have been louder on a few songs but i was like "the vocals!!" Oh, so mark olson was kind of standing around as we walked in but then disappeared downstairs. they came on stage a few minutes after 7pm. (i know because i looked at my phone a moment before and thought i better quick use the loo - i knew i shouldn't have had that beer! - before they start! but on my way down to the bathroom, they were heading up. i almost literally ran into mark olson.) they played til 9:41 (again, checking my phone. hey, we had to pick up the dog at my inlaws). i think what everyone would agree on is gary and mark were clearly enjoying themselves. and their harmonies were so right-on! better than could be imagined, in my opinion. i think this may have been my best "concert" experience ever. can't wait to see how nyc compares this week!

03-01-2005, 07:19 PM
Agree that it was a great show. Glad I noticed its listing in my local paper in Jan.

Here is a link to the favorable review in The Hartford Courant (Connecticut).