View Full Version : SXSW shows

03-16-2003, 10:53 PM
I guess you can call me lucky. I got to see the Jayhawks twice last week. First they played a short set at KGSR studios. Really nice acoustic set. Tailspin, Savie it for a Rainy Day, Tampa to Tulsa and Blue. They played one other song but forgive me I wasn't taking notes...............The "Thorns" played three songs before their set and helped with back up harmony on Blue. The Thorns include Matthew Sweet, and have a new album coming out in May. Their harmonies were top notch really reminded me of CSN.

Friday night I saw the Jayhawks at the Lost Highway showcase. They were really plugged in this time and played about 50 minutes. Tailspin for me was a real highlight. Loved hearing the pedal steel again. The crowd really responded to Blue and Save it for a Rainy Day. Also got Tampa to Tulsa, Life Floats by (which really rocked), Break in the Clouds, and Haywire. I had not seen the boys in quite a while so it was very enjoyable (even with a lot of folks jabbering around the place). Great to see this guys still putting out great music.