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03-02-2003, 10:45 AM
King of Kings
Take me w/you (When you go)
Leave No Gold
Sister Cry
Cool Cool Water
Two Angels
Bring Your Eyes Down Low
Crowded in the Wings
Won't Be Coming Home
She's Not Alone Anymore
Martin's Song
Waiting for the Sun
Nevada California
Up Above My Head
Tomorrow The Green Grass
Red Firecracker
Aint No End
Your Learning
Will I be Married

This is a great example of Jayhawks circa '91. I don't have a ticket stub or anything that could prove that I was there. Since the Uptown never sold advance tickets for these shows. I do however remember being stuck in a booth on the bar side not the stage side of this small venue.
Hawks '91 were one of MPLS' quintessential quartet's, galvanizing their prolific fertile Alt. Country sound. As a sentinel I can give first hand testimonial's to these fervid impassioned preformances.

The Opener is King of Kings and while it appears the boys are nonchalant onstage we've got alot on music still to play. Take me w/you is nearly perfect Gary's master-hand is bending notes on the stiff-necked Gibson. Leave No Gold and Sister Cry are fairly pedestrain and common but showcase the talents of Olsen/Louris as songwriters. Cool Cool Water is the first real standout, with the obscure 2nd verse were treated to an invigorating reading. Bring Your Light down Low is the next standout, I don't know if this is a Olsen/Louris song or not. I don't see it listed on the Covers Page. Crowded has some nice things happining Kenny on drums really pounds it out. The blending of Gary and Mark are superb on the lines "Then it's you I find". Won't Be Coming Home is played and features some nice vocal work by Gary, however it is not yet a Smog song so it should be considered a highlight. She's Not Alone Anymore is a request and Mark says to file this unpracticed one under "humorous". Marks loose improv style comes thru. He hesitates "Gettin' Stoned like before...What a drag" right into Martin's Song, quite possibly the first song Mark ever wrote about a dog. Beautiful version, picture perfect. Up Above My Head finds the boys deep in contemplation. Gary following Mark on every verse, as pulpiteer's they quickly convert the bar patrons to Saints. Tomorrow The Green Grass is unbelievable the highlight of the show!!! A few riffs from AC/DC's Back in Black and the parcel of notes turns into Aint No End. An epic version to say the least. Your Learning is a Louvin Brothers tune and played pretty straight-forward, still a highlight. The show ends with Will I Be Married, one of my all time favorite songs. It may be foreshadowing some of Marks fears about commitment that will soon be disolved. I remember leaving the Uptown thinking "Well they didn't play any Gram covers but they played a couple tunes I've never heard, Bring Your Lights and Tomorrow the Green Grass." All in all I'm really glad to have gotten this show and I hope everyone who has heard it will remember what a great band Hawks '91 really were.

03-02-2003, 12:53 PM
also, an amazing A+ sound quality of this show circulating around. It's probably the best quality sound of the "older" shows out there for trade:D

03-02-2003, 01:16 PM
once again I am not a trader, I do not have a homepage or CDR burner. I am just a fan of the band and have been for over 17 yrs. I am lucky enough to have seen the boys plays in almost every venue in town, and in every incarnation or band line-up. I am really excited about the new direction the band has taken, and eagerly await the new record from the good folks at Lost Highway. I am not a member of the Street Team and have no affilitation with any major label or record store.

03-02-2003, 02:07 PM
hey muskeeeeetoes, that post reads like a liability disclaimer or something!;)

I'm excited about the new direction of the band too! In fact, I may hafta burn myself a CD-R copy of Rainy Day Music for play, just so I can preserve the commercial copy that I purchase, otherwise I might burn a hole in it!:eek: