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08-04-2004, 12:47 PM

Pearl Jam / Death Cab for Cutie

Friday, Oct. 1 Reading
Saturday, Oct. 2 Toledo
Sunday, Oct. 3 Grand Rapids
Tuesday, Oct. 5 St. Louis
Wednesday, Oct. 6 Asheville
Friday, Oct. 8 Kissimmee

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band / R.E.M. / John Fogerty / Bright Eyes

Friday, Oct. 1 Philadelphia
Saturday, Oct. 2 Cleveland
Sunday, Oct. 3 Ann Arbor
Tuesday, Oct. 5 St. Paul
Friday, Oct. 8 Orlando

Dave Matthews Band / Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals / Jurassic 5 / My Morning Jacket

Friday, Oct. 1 State College
Saturday, Oct. 2 Dayton
Sunday, Oct. 3 Detroit
Tuesday, Oct. 5 Madison
Wednesday, Oct. 6 Ames
Friday, Oct. 8 Gainesville

Dixie Chicks / James Taylor

Friday, Oct. 1 Pittsburgh
Saturday, Oct. 2 Cleveland
Sunday, Oct. 3 Detroit
Tuesday, Oct. 5 Iowa City
Wednesday, Oct. 6 St. Louis
Friday, Oct. 8 Tampa Bay

Jackson Browne / Bonnie Raitt / Keb' Mo'
Friday, Oct. 1 Williamsport
Saturday, Oct. 2 TBA
Sunday, Oct. 3 Grand Rapid
Tuesday, Oct. 5 Kansas City
Wednesday, Oct. 6 Des Moines
Friday, Oct. 8 Jacksonville

John Mellencamp / Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds

Friday, Oct. 1 Wilkes-Barre
Saturday, Oct. 2 Cincinnati
Sunday, Oct. 3 Kalamazoo
Tuesday, Oct. 5 Milwaukee
Friday, Oct. 8 Miami

NY Fan
08-05-2004, 08:25 AM

08-07-2004, 07:00 AM
Springsteen should stick to music. That is an area that I respect him! I could care less about his views of the weak. The weakest of our citizens are probably a result of under-taxation! Democrats have been in charge of the spending arm of government for over 60 of the last 70 years. They have created and funded a bazillion programs to take care of everything from, how to not get pregnant, what to do if you are, and how to get the government to pay for rubbers if you are undecided! Have a million free concerts! Everyone cares about the poor, and the disadvantaged among us. I don't need to read a letter from the Boss to inform me of problems. Let him donate his income to the weak as an example of his leadership on this issue! I won't hold my breath! No, it is much more easy to play for a half-hour and write that shit off on your taxes. Man of the people?:confused:

Amy Beth
08-20-2004, 08:02 AM
HOORAY! THE OCTOBER 2ND DATE IS ANNOUNCED! AND IT'S CINCINNATI! or, as i just said to my coworker in a bouncing off the walls message:
i have to tell you how incredibly excited i am about this fantastic news i heard at 6:19 this morning! jackson browne is coming here for my birthday! and he's bringing some friends of his who i love! this is going to be a great night for me - i am beside myself! not even a double bill - this is a triple and i can't imagine it getting any better. jackson browne AND BONNIE RIATT! WHEW-HOO! i've seen them both before so i know i'll be in seventh heaven because both of those shows were at riverbend but this is going to be (drumroll please) AT THE TAFT! it might as well be in my living room because i love that place! and the voice inside my head says BUT WAIT THERE'S MO!!!! that's right, i didn't say more, i said mo! as in keb mo! who i missed last October because of jim's very inconsiderate wedding date (hurrumph,stupid-fanfare-obligation-trying-to-be-a-princess-made-my-boy-wear-a-skirt-and-he-ain't-scottish-stingy-and-jealous-fat-girl-no-not-me-the-dang-bride.) so i am tickled. of course it will be very politially charged. which is ok with me (since i know that going in) but the average person is likely to be sitting there thinking "shut up already! we didn't pay for a lecture! sing, dang you, sing!" but the important thing is, pinch me, i'm dreaming, all these folks are coming town and i intend to be first in line tomorrow morning to get tickets!