View Full Version : Jayhawks First Ave 9-11 & 9-12-98

01-07-2003, 08:54 AM
Right away I remember these shows because the opening band was Marah for both nights. They were being called the next "Tupelo" as insurgent country was still big. This was before Wilco got weird and Son Volt was still very active. Suffice to say it was just enough to get musky downtown for the opening act. I must have liked them as I still have their tour poster on the wall in the vault room. The bulk of their set was from their debut album "Cut the Crap and let's Hook up". File them in the what have you done for me lately catagory.

Jayhawks '98 consisted of Gary, Kraig, Marc, Tim, Karen and Jesse played voilin both nights. It was really kinda nice how the female element used to be such a big part of the show for me. This was a big part of the continued attraction for me after Mark and Vic split to do their own thing. There was still a strong female presence onstage. Karen's songs are standouts both nights and her keyboard playing gives the band a warmer quality.

Although set-lists are very simular there are some differences between shows. Both nites start out with Dying on the Vine into NLTB the transition between songs is seemless. Someone Will is a new song and therefore a standout as well. Faded Memory, Settled Down, and I'd Run Away, are set in stone and appear in simular spots. Karen's song Ruby and Some Other Time are a welcome sign of better things to come. Desperate Serenade makes it's debut and has a great bit of piano at the end that segues into Bottomless Cup, nothing can stop them now. BAH DAH DOOM those big notes that lead into Take Me With You (When you go) this song soars and Gary really finishes big right into Big Star. This songs ends the show/set really, for both nites.

First Nights Encores: Long Long Time right off the bat killer cover and Gary admits to being a closet Linda Rondstat fan. Queen of the World is still a work in progress and the different lyrics are funny. Think About It was the first single for the SOL record and Gary's guitar sounds like Dinosaur Jr. Heavy Chunky Riffs are pounded out. Seven Days is next and it rocks big time I think Danny comes out and takes Kraig's spot for this song. With Jesse's violin sawing long notes and grinding teeth mixed with fingernails on a chalkboard until the song finally ends. They finally slow it down with Two Hearts and Reason to Believe and were done, for tonite.

Second Night: in the fifth spot (early in the show) were treated to a rare early Neil cover. Expecting to Fly is totally unexpected. I am thrilled to be hearing something for the first time. Gary's voice trembles and quivvers in all the right places, it's a beautiful version, and should be played more often. Poor Little Fish is also only played the 2nd nite. Encores: and Karen's at it again Ode to Billy Jo and she only slightly messes up the lyrics. It's charming really when a preformer screws up and has no choice but to recover and go on with the song. Another highlight is a song dedicated to a "local hero" a new song or cover I donno but it sounds like it's in the same vein as Desperate Serenade. Trouble and then Seven Days again, can't have too much Fun so they slow it down with another song I'm not familar with. Does Slow and Steady Wins the Race sound like a title from 98??? Two Hearts, Haywire, and Think About it end the show.

So you can see that even then set-lists and shows were quite simular, but it's the little things that make it worth your while to go both nights. Cover songs can be peppered in the main set or just in encores, it really dosen't matter so long as they play at least 1 or 2 songs you've never heard before. That's it from the musky-vaults.