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05-12-2004, 01:08 PM
i thought with "supposedly" over 50 people downloading this from Glacier's site, there would be at least half of them or more willing to post their reviews about it.

we already heard reviews when it first came out way back
let's hear some feedback from the newest 50+ this thread is for you
fire away friends!

05-13-2004, 05:36 PM
Alot of people who downloaded the show are lurkers!

05-14-2004, 04:10 PM
I posted mine right in the thread in the general Jayhawks section. The disc is great with the exception of the sound/voice quality on "Take Me With You When You Go". It's great to hear those guys singing together again. Gary's brilliant on the guitar.

05-18-2004, 05:06 PM
First off I would say that this particular recording was not broadcast, nor was it ever intended to be.
What is circulated is a Dat tape put on CDR, and it is an intimate conversation with Bill DeVille, Mark and Gary as his guests in the studio.
This recording was then edited and portions played on the radio to promote the upcoming Record Release for Blue Earth.
Best that I can figure is that Bill had the boys come in before or after his "on air" shift to record the "spots" for Friday's Traffic Jam or whatever short segment actually got played "on air"
The mere fact that they start out with Tell Old Bill should tell the us that this is no ordinary Jayhawks show.
That and the line about leaving the downtown girls alone just kill me, a Dave Van Ronk song if their ever was one
While the whole event lacks any structure at all with interview segments short, random, quips, with no real into's.
Bill seems lost as he asks "When is the record in stores?" and "Yeah let's do something off the album."
Bloody Hands is a frikkin' great example of what the Jayhawks did best. Write songs in the style of their mentor's, so well, we think it's a cover song we've never heard before. Like damn that's familar, I should know that song, but you don't, it's a new song that will never appear on a offical realease. Even if they played it live for years like Pray For Me, there are still so many songs that never saw the light of day in the studio. If Bloody Hands got the full treatment it would rank as high as Leave No Gold in my book.
Still it's probably the only acoustic version of the song and worth every minute, even played twice.
The quality of the recording is then hampered by the interview segment before Take Me With You. Gary must have moved closer to the microphone because when he starts the song his voice is over-modulating. It's not a bad recording, if it was a bad recording there would be over-modulation on every song. This is a problem when you are simply recording off the board right into a dat recorder, you do not know if you are over-modulating. Bill was a little busy at the time and he is forgiven, suffice to say that any recording that sounds a bit rough in spots does not lend itself to being copied and reformated, ie bad gets badder, little things turn into bigger things. nuff said.
The whole preformance is really quite nice and relaxed, you can tell they let their hair down once they knew it wasn't all going to be broadcast and kind of turned the thing into a practice session.
Mark gives way to Gary multiple times to play his songs.
He also takes credit for the opening line of Baltimore Sun, while Gary punch's him over the dreaded name on the royality checks
Mark also ask's Bill for a light and proceeds to smoke yet another ciggy-butt, MP3 that one boys...
The gospel number "If I Be Lifted Up/Joy to your Soul" is another gem. A song that show's the true nature of Mark's own belief system and foreshadowing for those of you playing along at home.
New Ridge Castle is definitley a highlight and shows us Marks ability to paint a picture with words. Casting stones into a well or asking a friend to show the way, we are drawn into the song and wait for directions, as if his love can find him, walking in the rain.
Pray for Me is well worth the wait, an early version of this staple from their live shows, it will only take 5 more years before it appears on TTGG.
A broken string then forces them to stop, listen closely for the edit, and when they continue, out of nowhere they play "Poor Michael's Boat" another lost song from the demo's. We are taken aboard a doomed watercraft. Trusting our Captian, a chance we'll all take to hear this tale of woe. In the tradition of every great murder ballad our minstrel sings of love loss and the wet shoe's or muskytoes if you will. Mark and Gary then assume Bill's ran out of tape but alas one more tune. Precious Time was the song they wrote and sold to Maria McKee, every bit as good as "Blue" the Jayhawks should have played this song more often too. Gary's voice swells, "He's just sittin' on the corner, wastin' time. Never wonderin' why."
"We like it" says Bill
We Love it!!!" says Muskytoes

05-19-2004, 09:11 AM
damn it, this song shoulda been on a Jayhawks album, what the?!

all the stuff that turns up in circulation in past years that never made albums....what a waste of talent

I don't even wanna think about it anymore, it's too overwhelming for me. I really wanna get over and beyond the thought, but I'll always feel bothered by it somewhere inside, but that's just me:rolleyes:

05-19-2004, 09:38 AM
It's ok LiladyK, it really is. You did your best with writing those letters and giving the Mystery Demos to Gary and Mark.

I think those "lost" recordings are great, it's a bit of a mystery. Songs to be discovered in their rough form, so many ones that build the incredible extended and variated catalogue of the Jayhawks.

I think it's just too bad not many mystery songs are popping up; there must be "tons" of material on tape from the rehearsel space. Gary keeps them locked away better then in the old days.

Speaking of which, is there really such a thing or is it just a word they use?

Back to KABL 1989; thanks for the info on that one muskytoes. I really like your "behind the scenes" info. When are you going to open up your vault once again. It has been a long time....

05-19-2004, 10:26 AM
Well hey now Lenno thanks for the nod!
I do remember Bill talking alot about that particular set of music.
I also believe he did the same type of interview for the HTH album but that one didn't generate the number of songs the ealier one did, he may have been at Cities97 by that time.
I used to see him in the clubs now and again.

The Atlanta radio show has some hidden gems in it too.