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06-12-2002, 05:24 PM
4.12.02, 1650, Hollywood

approximate setlist:

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Pretty Little Hairdo (new)
One Man's Problem (new)
Nothing Left to Borrow
Lost my Drivin' Wheel (Tim on vocals)
Two Hearts
What Led Me to this Town
Crowded in the Wings
Say You'll Be Mine (written with Marc Olson)
The Man Who Loved Life
Jennifer Save Me (Golden Smog)
Bottomless Cup (Tim on vocals)
Tailspin (new, 1st time played!)
I'd Run Away
New Song (didn't catch the title)
Waiting for the Sun (Gary only)
Sound of Lies (Gary only)
Ain't No End
Sister Cry
~2nd Encore~
Reason to Believe (with Cash Brothers)

The 1650 was a small venue, very dark and had a small stage, it was a
great setup for this tour. The show was really good, better than the
last time I saw them! I liked the Cash Brothers, they were joking
around with the crowd a little bit. One of the best things about
this was that the sound was excellent and I could hear everything
clearly since the acoustic instruments were never muffled. Sometimes
the minimalistic approach makes things better. I think some of these
songs were meant to be played in this setting. The laid back
approach was pretty cool because when they messed up, they would stop
and discuss a bit and then start again. Gary was solid the whole
night and Tim really impressed me since he got to sing a lot more
than usual and he nailed the harmonies! I did miss some keyboards,
but perhaps they could make up for it by having a pedal steel player!

I liked all the new songs, but it is always a bit hard to judge
hearing them for the first time. I'm sure that they will sound
great on the album. Gary mentioned they are starting to record on
May 15 and that we might see them around town "kicking ass!" He also
said don't go see the Rookie! The ones I liked the most were Pretty
Little Hairdo, which he said wasn't really the title for certain, One
Man's Problem and Tailspin.

Lost My Drivin' Wheel sounded great, it's a perfect one for Tim to
sing. He also shone on Bottomless Cup. He switched instruments from
drums to guitar on different songs. Clouds was a surprise too, great
harmonies on that one! Crowded in the Wings was another highlight,
with a nice little solo from Gary. I also loved the mandolin parts
that Marc added to the songs, which made for a fuller sound. He also
played bass and guitar on different songs. Gary also put in lots of
harmonica, which was fine by me!

We yelled out for Radio King but he said he can't do that one, and
did a nice rendition of Jennifer Save Me. When Gary came out to do
his solo songs, that was definitely a highlight since they were
arranged a bit differently. Sound of Lies sounded amazing!
Ain't no End was the one song I was hoping for them to play the
most. It sounded better than the album I would say, with Gary and
Tim trading off the verses. Sister Cry sounded a bit different in
the intro and it's an old favorite, so I love to hear it. Almost two
and a half hours later, Reason to Believe finished off the night with
a rousing jam with the Cash Brothers. I thought it was a really
great show, probably my favorite one I had seen them play!