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01-24-2004, 12:06 AM
Stumbling Through the Dark
What Led Me to this Town (KJ)
Nevada, California
Real Light (KJ)
Haywire (KJ)
Better Days
Tampa to Tulsa
Fools on Parade
Pray for Me
Think About It (KJ)
All the Right Reasons
Save It For a Rainy Day
Sound of Lies
Somewhere in Ohio (KJ)
Blue (KJ)
Waiting for the Sun (KJ)
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Settled Down Like Rain
Will I See You in Heaven
I'd Run Away
Tailspin (KJ)
Sister Cry

(KJ) - Kraig Johnson played with the band on these songs.

01-24-2004, 12:53 AM
Our night started with the New York chapter of the Jayhawks fanpage gathering at Virgil's for pre-show drinks. Lenno, Nutshell, NY Fan and UWS Fan as well as friends and family convened to get in the right frame of mind. It was great to meet everyone. Lots of fun to attach faces to fanpage handles. I should also mention how nice it was to meet ericcd and larchstor on Friday.

We saw JamesT42 at the show. He was there with his family, but took the time to regale us with stories of seeing Hot Tuna at Town Hall and The Band at the Palladium. Not to mention fifty Springsteen shows. JamesT42 is :cool: . He also helped us figure out how to get fantastic seats for the show.

The band was in fine form. Town Hall was full and the energy level was higher than Friday night. Highlights for me included Haywire (both Nutshell and my favorite Jayhawks song); a hard driving version of Think About It; Pray for Me; and the best Marc Perlman jam I've seen on Sister Cry (he was smokin').

After the show, Lenno, NY Fan, Nutshell and me evaded the crack Town Hall security force and hung out in the wings hoping to meet some of the band members. We totally lucked out and Gary, Marc, Tim and Stephen all came out. We spent some time chatting with each Jayhawk. What fun!! This is old news for many of you, but the band members are very approachable and super nice. If you are ever have the chance to meet them, do it. You will be glad you did.

Spent the most time with Gary and Stephen. Gary said the upcoming hiatus was only a break and that they would be back before long. "No way I can give this up" (check me on that quote NY Fan). He claimed to be "starstruck" meeting his fanpage board members. That made five of us who were starstruck. He said he loved to meet the folks who post here and that he reads the board regularly. Mentioned that he wanted to meet Glacier65 and Greekguy someday. We joked about how the band has been playing many of Glacier's favorite songs recently.

Stephen said he liked playing in a theatre environment. He felt the sound was better and that everyone could hear a great show (and was listening). Filling up Town Hall at $35/$25 per ticket has its economic advantages. He mentioned that the band's promoters were trying to book larger theatres in the major markets. This was part of the rationale for this brief tour.

I am sure that UWS Fan, JamesT42, NY Fan, Nutshell and our globetrotting Lenno will have plenty to add to my observations. I am one smilin' Jayhawks fan tonight!! Thanks to all mentioned for making this evening so much fun.

01-24-2004, 10:22 AM
An occasional lurker here. Last night's show was fantastic. I am a rather new fan thanks to a wonderful Black Crowes friend who gave me a mix of some of his favorite songs about a year ago. My 10 year old fell in love with the music and he and I had a great time last night. The advantage to Town Hall for me was that I could take him. He was singing along and playing air bass in his seat. I hope I have the advantage to seeing them again.

01-24-2004, 02:20 PM
What great shows the last two nights. Friday's energy level was way up there.

The perspective I have in seeing shows starts in the late 60's with the Band and Dylan, CSNY at the Fillmore in 1970, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in mid 70"s, Poco in 70's and 80's, Dead and New Riders of the Purple Sage in 60's, 70's, CCR in 70's, Jackson Browne with David Lindley in 70's, Bruce from 79-2004, Petty in 80's and 90's, Moody Blues in 70's and up, U2 in 80's, 90's etc etc.

Great groups that make beautiful music. The Jayhawks are in this lineage. The music and joy, hope, frustration, and love they share is a wonderful experience.

While enjoying their show last night the one group that they remind me of the most is The Band. Once the accordion came out all I could remember was Garth Hudson; and Tim singing back on the drums was Levon; with Gary as the guitar machine Robbie Robertson.

And yes I was last at Town Hall in 1972 to see Hot Tuna, the Airplane spinoff. Great memories.

Also nice meeting Chris and his wife and Lenno (I told him he was crazy) and NY Fan.

I am only sad that I've gotten into the Hawks at this late stage seeing them for the first time in June with The Thorns at Irving Plaza. They deserve whatever break they need for their families but hopefully will be back down the road some day.

Keep smiling.

01-24-2004, 03:51 PM
I'm so glad you did it Lenno!!! The European contingent of the Jayhawks fans had a very good representative in your person.
Hope you had a great stay in NYC (I'm sure you have!), and a good flight back

01-24-2004, 04:00 PM
Jony - One thing I did not mention, Gary mentioned their March trip to Spain and Sweeden both nights. Stephen confirmed that they were going to Sweeden. Apparently, the Jayhawks sell a lot of records in Sweeden, but skipped it on their last European tour. Enjoy!

01-24-2004, 04:29 PM
Thanks a lot Smilin'!!! Not a very good time of the year at work, to go travellin' with the Hawks (I'm havin' some of my holidays next month so I'm sure March won't do it), but anyways I hope they make it to several cities so I can combine them and see at least a couple of shows

01-24-2004, 04:35 PM
Last night was amazing! Have lots to post but it will have to wait. I'm off to Keswick... Smilin', NY Fan etc. ...It came through:)

01-24-2004, 04:45 PM
I can not wait for your post after Keswick. I'll bet you have the same "pinch me, I'm dreaming" feeling that I have. You are one lucky girl. :)

01-24-2004, 10:55 PM
Haven't had a chance to weigh in on the board all day. But here goes....

First of all: Glenn, Chris, Lenno, Nutshell (and friends and family).......how great was that getting to hook up before the show? I have to tell you what fun that was for me. You're great people. My buddy who I brought (a Jayhawks novice) kept saying what a great crowd (including all of you) the Hawks attract. I agree.

And the show.....couldn't agree more with all of you. The energy level was higher than Thursday's show, obvious even from the reception Josh Rouse received (standing o at the end of his set). But I don't ever recall the Jayhawks sounding any better than they did last night. Yeah, I miss it not being a club atmosphere, but the tradeoff for superior sound and a good (respectful) crowd was worth it.

Perhaps my favorite band of all time, The Band, is getting some real competition from the Jayhawks. They have so much in common, not just the instrumentation, of course. I think both bands have what I admire most in music: a sense of connection with the people they're playing for.

Highlights: Real Light kicked ass, Pray for Me, I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (about the only song of theirs I've mastered on guitar), Kraig Johnson playing on a lot of songs, the great mood of the entire band.

I'm sure I've missed a lot, but good news for those of you on the board who have tickets to upcoming shows: this is as good as it gets.

01-25-2004, 06:16 AM
To start, an addition from the setlist from Smilin'. There are some songs on the original setlist I grabbed the minute Gary left (in fact, he was still standing at his mic)

Nothing Left To Borrow, Expecting to Fly, You Look So Young, Sarah Jane and Until You Came Along were on the list as possibilities at the encore. However, Gary later explained that is was a "union-show" and that the Town Hall crew were looking on their watch during the whole show. Too bad, lot of songs they wanted to play!

It was a great night, even better than Thursday. The groupies (myself, smilin', nutshell and NY Fan) met the guys. And some pictures were taken, thanks Smilin'! I took a lot of pictures during the show and will post them or put it on my website the coming days.

The long intro to WFTS was extra extra long, and Kraig kept smiling as he strummed the chords on his acoustic, waiting for Gary to settle and start the lyrics.

Highlights for me were Better Days, Somewhere in Ohio (Kraig doing that guitar loop which makes the song complete) and ofcourse Pray For Me. Got a nice picture of Gary with his Rickenbacker playing that song.

The sound of Stephen's guitar was sooo good. Crystal clear and on top of things. I really enjoyed that, next to the solo-work from Gary. Two little kids in the front row (really little) got the harmonica/harp from Gary..nice gesture!!

And for that first night, I spoke to David Poe and he said he "forced" himself onto the stage and played Tailspin. He did that during the European leg of the acoustic tour also.

NY Fan
01-26-2004, 11:12 AM
I gave myself a few days to digest what I saw and heard Thurs/Fri in New York, and I think these thoughts today in no particular order:

- I know Kraig probably won't ever be back in the band full-time -- although as Gary said, "Once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk" -- I do like him there. Having a second rhythm guitarist lets Stephen play pedal steel or whatever Kraig isn't playing.

- I like Stephen in the band. He's very smooth and talented, and it is nice to have somebody carry the chords while Gary solos. Of course, he's much more than that. And I also dig the banjo and pedal steel when he picks them up.

- On Thursday night, I didn't bring my usual pen and paper, where I write down the set/song/equipment notes for myself. I hadn't done this for a while, and as a result I found myself listening differently. While I may go on and on about Gary's tone or gear or whatever, it was nice to just listen. This is a band that sounds terrific right now. They are tight (and loose at the same time) and confident. More about this in a second.

Two semi-controversial thoughts:

- I don't read the includsion of Olson-era songs as any indication that an Olson reunion could or would happen. I imagine that something made Gary reconsider his exclusion of these, and as he said Friday, "What the hell." Nothing more, nothing less.

- But if the Olson thing happened, I wouldn't be shocked. Gary has never said never. He's never said he hates Mark. He's obviously in touch with him from time to time. My money's against it, but stranger things have happened.

- The hiatus: I think it is real. I think they feel they may have peaked (again) with this record, are looking to make a few more dollars on a live record (and/or DVD), and take some time off. I think that if they could retire, they would... but they can't. These aren't 20 year old guys who are screwing and doing drugs every day on the road. They are middle aged, with families, and they've been at this A WHILE. I don't blame them.

- It took three years between Smile and RDM. I'd bet on at least that long between RDM and whatever may come next. Maybe longer. The only difference is, I don't see them touring much between records.

- SO: If you can see them, see them now. It may be a while before we get them again. It may be never!

Now, those interested can move on to my obsessive gear post to follow...

-- GM

NY Fan
01-26-2004, 11:39 AM
Easiest for my to simply annotate smilin's list:

Originally posted by smilin':

Stumbling Through the Dark - Gary on acoustic (capo 2)
Angelyne - Gary on acoustic (capo 2), w/ James Mastro on accordian
What Led Me to this Town (KJ)
Nevada, California - Gary picked up the SG and used the wah on the solo Friday night but not, I think, Thursday. Sounded great. He was really feeling it on this one.
Real Light (KJ)
Haywire (KJ) - Gary switched to the Flying V, which has much more bass -- a kind of Clapton woman-tone, as opposed to the Jimmy Page tone from the SG. And while I just assumed Gary was still using his MXR Phase 90, that's not the case. The Mystery Pedal I couldn't see on Thursday turned out to be a different phaser. It is blue. Find Lenno's page w/ photos and maybe you can figure it out and tell me what it is. Could be an Ibanez? Used prominently -- as always -- on this track. Sounded great, but I still like the MXR original script versions best.
Better Days - Gary back to acoustic
Tampa to Tulsa
Wichita - Back to the SG. Before playing this, Gary explained that they hadn't played it in a while -- since Mark Olson left -- but then thought, "What the hell!" Only explanation offered. Oh -- Gary also said it's where his family now lives...
Fools on Parade - A word about Mark Perlman, who my wife calls criminally underrated: He rocked during these shows, especially Friday, and especially during Fools and Sister Cry. Anybody who thinks he isn't into the band anymore is just plain wrong. Plus, it was great to hear duelling electric guitars between Gary and Stephen during the outro solos.
Pray for Me - Gary did this on the Rickenback 12 string, which was an interesting choice, but it was nice. The break was actually really cool (and probably not easy to play).
Think About It (KJ) - Back to the Flying V. Did I mention that I love love love this song? Killer solo.
All the Right Reasons - Gary goes back to the acoustic. James Mastro back on accordian.
Save It For a Rainy Day
Sound of Lies - Very quiet and moving. Amazing sound.
Somewhere in Ohio (KJ) - After a moment of fiddling, Gary did something on this that he's done in the past on this song: He turned the volume on the neck pickup off, so when he switched from bridge to both the sound cut out altogether! Then he flicked the switch from bridge to both repeatedly, so he got this stutter-sound effect. Pretty cool move. Eddie Van Halen does this at the break in "You Really Got Me."
Blue (KJ)
Waiting for the Sun (KJ) - Just insane soloing. F-U, New York Times.
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me - Back to the Rickenbacker.
Settled Down Like Rain - Gary on acoustic. I have come to prefer this version to the electric, but not by much. Really great and moving song.
Will I See You in Heaven
I'd Run Away - Back to the SG, and another Killer solo.
Tailspin (KJ) - Capo 2.
Sister Cry - Insane solos by Gary and Stephen (on pedal steel, an octave lower than Thurs night I believe). Here's Gary's moves throughout this long piece: Starts by switching to the neck pickup, then kicks in the wah, then kicks in the fuzz face, then goes to the bridge pickup, turns the fuzz face off, and outros. My notes also say one other word: "PERLMAN!"

-- GM

(KJ) - Kraig Johnson played with the band on these songs. [/B][/QUOTE]

01-26-2004, 01:04 PM
great stuff, NY Fan! Really brought back the show....