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01-21-2004, 01:45 PM
Jayhawks Fly Almost Effortlessly At The Phoenix

First of all, Josh Rouse was a perfect opener for The Jayhawks and he definitely seems to have what it takes to go far. Kudos also to the sound engineer as Josh Rouse wasn't able to get a sound check having just come from appearing on The Mike Bullard Show (I still have to watch the tape I made of that).

After a brief intermission, the curtains once again opened to a smiling Gary Louris taking in the audience with arms open wide. A brief 'hello' and the band launched into Stumbling Through The Dark followed by Angelyne.

Gary then turned it into a night of Canadian references as he went into the Golden Smog tune, Jennifer Save Me which the crowd loved.

Now, unfortunately The Phoenix isn't exactly known for having a very good sound system, so when they played Real Light it was hard to really get into it since the sound was distorted overall and not in a cool rock & roll kind of way.

The best surprise of the night, as you may have already heard, was that they played Pray For Me which Gary said hadn't been done since 1995 and only briefly rehearsed before the show. Gary was also reluctant to play Smile since they had no keyboard and aren't used to playing it without one. But they managed it just the same, IMO.

The encore started with an acoustic set of three songs: Settled Down Like Rain, The Baltimore Sun and The Sound of Lies. And it finished with three electric songs including Tailspin which featured Travis Good of the Sadies and a great solo by Stephen McCarthy on pedal steel which managed to blow out the speakers on the left-side of the stage. That's perhaps a good thing since they weren't particularly good speakers anyhow.

Other highlights include Save It For A Rainy Day which had a false start when Stephen McCarthy was found to be sitting behind the pedal steel when he should have been on his electric guitar. The song was absolutely perfect after that. And speaking of solos, Gary's guitar solos were truly inspired. Jimmy Page would be proud.

I don't have the complete setlist since I wasn't able to make out what a couple of the songs were, but here's what I managed to scribble down on my notepad.

Stumbling Through The Dark
Jennifer Save Me
Nevada, California
Real Light
Two Hearts
Queen Of The World
Better Days
Tampa To Tulsa
? - something from the European release of the Smile album
Pray For Me
All The Right Reasons
Save It For A Rainy Day
Expecting To Fly (a Buffalo Springfield song)
Waiting For The Sun
? (didn't catch what this one was, but now I'm thinking maybe it was Trouble?)


Settled Down Like Rain
The Baltimore Sun
The Sound of Lies
I'd Run Away
Tailspin (featuring Travis Good of The Sadies)
Sister Cry

Hopefully someone else who was there can fill in my gaps. :)

01-21-2004, 09:33 PM
Great review Truscott! The show had a great flow and energy to it. I'm so glad I was able to make it....

Just a few additions of tunes they played...

"Think About It"
"Baby, Baby, Baby"
"Bottomless Cup"
"Fools On Parade" (AMAZING!!!)

and I think I heard "Take Me With YOu" as well.

The whole night was awesome. How many people would you say were there? 750? 1000?

I'd love to see them come back and do the Horseshoe again some day!


01-21-2004, 10:48 PM
I knew I had missed writing down one song! They definitely played "Take Me With You".

As for how many people, it could have easily been up close to 1000. During the intermission I went to the washroom and was amazed at how full the place was. What was great though was that it wasn't so full that everyone was crammed together. Instead, it was just right.

My dream concert with them would be to have a full set of The Sadies followed by a full set of The Jayhawks at the Horseshoe. I hope someone who can make this happen is reading! :D

If they did it, they would HAVE to let tapers bootleg that one. I wonder if any tapers managed to get this one. I know the staff wasn't letting in video cameras or sound recorders as they inspected my camera bag just to be sure.

01-22-2004, 07:50 AM
Wow, they played Pray For Me? I LOVE that song... it's maybe my favourite from TTGG. Lucky Canadians... :)