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06-12-2002, 05:22 PM
Jayhawks – McCabe’s, Santa Monica
April 14, 2002
7:30pm and 10:00pm

It was strange and cool at the same time to see them play 2 shows in one day, at a guitar shop no less! McCabe’s has a stage set up in the main guitar room, with the floor cleared out and seats put in. It held about 100 people or so and I found it a bit strange to sit down at a concert. They played for about 1:45 hours for the first set and a bit more than 2 hours for the second set. Both bands commented how strange it was for them to play 2 sets. The Cash Brothers seem to like hecklers so if anyone sees them, make sure to yell and ask funny questions. The Jayhawks seem to be using the same list of songs for the tour and just picking out ones to play, so it was similar to the other shows. At one point he played a request of a little girl in the crowd, her favorite song, Until You Came Along. The first set ended with Gary solo playing Waiting for the Sun. He had some tasty guitar solos during Lost my Drivin’ Wheel and a couple of the new songs. He mentioned that the new song didn’t have a solid title yet, either Pretty Little Hairdo, Drivin’ with your eyes Shut or Save it for a Rainy Day. I think that they should go with Pretty Little Hairdo myself.

The second set was very cool since he wanted to mix it up a bit, so Gary told some people they weren’t playing certain songs since they already did them. This time they played Jennifer Save Me for all the SmogHeads in the crowd! I also liked a Break in the Clouds very much, and it had a nice acoustic guitar solo!! They also ended with Waiting for the Sun and Sound of Lies with Gary solo on harmonica and guitar. At the end of Sound of Lies, Tim and Marc walk in and do the drums and bass for the last part of the song. They ended up taking me up on my request for Ain’t no End, which was awesome! It turned out better than the album, with classic sounding harmonies. Then Tim sang a song which I think was called Big White Cloud, and it may have been a cover. They also did a new song called Rotterdam. Then they tried a cover song, from an album that Gary loves called Wish You Were Here by Badfinger. I believe that it was called Got To Get Out of Here, and it sounded great with Tim on vocals. The last song was Reason to Believe and the band left the stage to a standing ovation.