View Full Version : Jayhawks @ Slims San Francisco 4-29-95

11-19-2002, 03:19 PM
Ten Little Kids, Over My Shoulder, Clouds, Waiting for the Sun, Red's Song, If You Really Want Me I'll Go, Blue, Baltimore Sun, Martin's Song, Two Hearts, NLTB, Six-pack on the Dashboard, Bad Time, Miss Williams Guitar, Two Angels, Get the Lead Out, Sister Cry, Real Light

This is a fairly common show that's been around since the day, as it was a FM broadcast and was quickly circulated and often times sold in record store and record conventions during the time when all the import bootlegs were so rampid. So even if everyone has it, it's still an important era for the boys. The last hurrah so to speak for the origional team of Mark and Gary and their blend of Hawks music.

The show opens with a blistering version of Ten Little Kids, Gary's over the top style is self evident right away pouring it on. "Laughing, running, jumping, playing they don't care what their moms and dads are doing" and you won't either after hearing this opener it smokes!
Right away they slow it down with a great version of "Over my shoulder" soft and pretty quite a contrast from the show opener.
Clouds, Waiting and Red's song are all well played but nothing really to interesting.
If you Really Want me I'll Go is grand and Mark has taken command of the band for some down home style cooking this song would never really see the light of day and it's a standout on this disc to be sure. Martin's Song is always been a favorite of mine and this version is flawless. Two Hearts slows things down again and it's such a beautiful song. NLTB rocks just plain and simple, no wonder Mark thought the band was getting too loud. Six Pack is dedicated to all the good folks back at the 400 Bar in MPLS, Karen does a great job singing lead on this tune and is a highlight for any Hawks fans that remember her shows. Miss Willaims Guitar is my favorite song from this show I can't say enough nice things about it and how it must make you feel to write a song for someone so special. Gary really plays well at the end of the song he is in full blown Eddie Van Halen mode as the 1/8 notes turn into 1/16 he explodes and the band leaves the stage. Encores are next, Two Angels is practically perfect. Get the Lead Out is a forcefull song that Mark sings while Gary continues to pound the ol' Gibson until they have to proclaim "Sister Cried for what she needed" Mark takes the high end "Someone come along and we don't talk much at all, yeah it's the hardest thing" Again the themes of searching for someone and waiting for love, lost or make believe it dosen't matter the pure and raw emotion the boys displayed are forever ours.

11-20-2002, 08:59 PM
There's also a pre-FM version of this show that's circulated on DAT. It has I'd Run Away and See Him on the Street before Ten Little Kids, and You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, Lights on the City, Wichita, and Love Hurts following Real Light.

This is a favorite tape of mine. Excellent sound, great performances, good song selection... the only tapes from '95 I might rank higher would be the ones from shows that I was at... if they exist. Anyone have Iowa City from February or St. Louis from, uh, July?