View Full Version : Jayhawks @ First Ave 9-11-98

11-18-2002, 03:26 PM
CD 1 Dying on the Vine, NLTB, Man who Loved Life, Someone Will, What led me to this Town, Faded Memory of Love, Settled Down like Rain, I'd Run Away, Ruby, Some Other Time, Blue, Trouble, Waiting for the Sun, A Place Where Your Always Welcome, Bottomless Cup
CD 2 Take Me With You, Big Star, Long Long Time, Queen of the World, Think About It, Seven Days, Two Hearts, Reason to Believe

This is a great set of tunes preformed by the boys and Karen before Jen had joined the band. I must admit I wasn't crazy about the band in the years following Mark's departure, but this show really holds up well and is a good document for the era.
The first 3 songs are fairly typical and well played, it's the early version of "Someone Will" that stands out as the pre-curser to "I'm gonna make you love me" that Mr. Zombie had talked about. The song is virtually the same minus the chours that actually became the title of the song.
Tim's reading of "Faded Memory of Love" is another standout early in the show. "Ruby" is a Karen song that never saw the light of day so it's good to have a show with that song on it. "Some Other Time " or X-song is sung by Karen as well showing off her punk rock roots with a great poise as she delivers this ballad like number. Blue, Trouble and Waiting are fairly pedestrian but all are played well and continue to be a part of the shows even to this date. Next is Gary's ballad "A Place where Your Always Welcome" is a beautiful song I don't know much more about this song, feel free to expand my knowlege on this one...Bottomless Cup ends disc 1 and Tim's vocal stylings are still sending shivers up my spine. When he sings "I think I let you down, I could use you around, could use you right now..." It's such a great song about love and relationships it's really one of the songs that brought me back into the fold.
Disc 2 is shorter but none-the-less played more often that disc 1. "Long Long Time" is my favorite song from this show, call me a closet Linda Ronstadt fan if you must but it's really beautiful. Gary's voice cracks and breaks in all the right places it's perfect, sad and dreamy just what we need late in the show. "Queen of the World " is a work in progress as well with some lyrical changes yet to come before the "Smile" record comes out, still a top notch tune in it's early stages. "Think About It" explodes right from the beginning, chunky guitars and swirlling keyboards make this song a keeper while the album version leaves me flat. Seven Days is a Dylan cover and the boys don't really play alot of Bob songs so this one is worth having, if memory serves Danny Murphy came onstage to play in Kraigger's spot.
Two Hearts and Reason to Believe are the 2nd encores and while fairly typical they are played with passion and emotion one could only get by truly believing in the mission of music, to inspire, or effect others the way you were. I was married for a couple years at this point in time and we really enjoyed going to shows at the club together, this would change after our first born.
Once again the Jayhawks are the soundtrack to our lives and it's great to have captured these events on tape so we can re-live them and share them with others.