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11-14-2002, 09:53 PM
first of all, this totally kicks the crap
out of the audience recording I already
have of this show. The sound quality
is excellent. It doesn't get any better
than this. Ya can't go wrong for
ten bucks. (Thanks to the kind soul
who picked up a copy for me, BTW).

artwork is nice. On the back there's
a setlist that doubles as the tracklist
for the live tracks. (But it's not the
actual setlist used the night of the
show, although it looks like the real

Great performance for the hometown
crowd. My favorites from the show
are "Crowded In the Wings" and
"Say You'll Be Mine".
Marc's mandolin really adds a lot.

the real treats here are the 2 demos
for "Smile", recorded in '98. For
those of you who have the 9/11 and
9/12/98 First Ave shows, you'll
recognize "Desperate Serenade"
(titled on some lists as "A Place Where
You're Always Welcome").
Really nice to hear Karen's piano again. Oddly enough,
Kraig Johnson doesn't appear on
either bonus track.

First time I heard "Someone Will" was
at those September '98 First Ave
shows, and that one became my
favorite of all the new songs they
played that year. Of course, it
went through some lyric changes,
lost the guitar solo before the bridge,
and eventually became "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me",
but it's sure nice to hear the original version.
I kinda wish they left it as "Someone Will":

"'I'll never be all that you want me to
but that's all right...someone will...
someone will..."

(Don't get me wrong, I like "I'm Gonna
Make You Love Me", but that really
changed the song.)

At least they left the bridge alone, that's my favorite part of the song.


01. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
02. Nothing Left To Borrow
03. Driving Wheel
04. Crowded In the Wings
05. Say You'll Be Mine
06. Save It For a Rainy Day
07. Two Hearts
08. Smile
09. Trouble
10. Bottomless Cup
11. Tailspin
12. I'd Run Away
13. Break In the Clouds
14. Blue
15. Waiting For the Sun
16. Sound Of Lies
17. Sister Cry

bonus tracks ("Smile" demos '98)

18. Desperate Serenade
19. Someone Will

I'm too lazy to type out all the info
that's on the artwork. Maybe someone
will put scans of the cover art up
on the ol' Fanpage... ;)

11-15-2002, 02:12 AM
I totally agree that the official boot kicks ass... BUT
I was kinda pissed that it wasn't the entire show. That would have made it better!

11-15-2002, 08:43 AM
From what I can remember of the show, Crowded in the Wings was an understatement. Aside from being a highlight early on in the set, it gave me new insight to the song. Remember how jammed everybody was in the tiny space they had the portable bars set up? We could hear everyone talking through John Casey's entire set, granted he was the warm up act, but I remember how crowded in the wings it was. Everybody standing around drinking and smoozing is pretty typical I guess but to our amazement they ushered us into the theatre with cocktails in hand. It was really kinda unexpected, this nice old Women's Club Theatre and they're gonna let us party First Ave style. Other highlights for musky were definitley Tim's reading of "Bottomless Cup" and "Tampa to Tulsa". The songs from "Smile" reworked were wonderful, "What led me to this Town" was remarkable. We had waited for over 10 years for these boy's to unplug and do an acoustic show and they didn't disappoint, I'm really glad they have taken the acoustic event on tour for everyone. The Jayhawks are a treat to see any way you get em'. :D