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11-22-2003, 03:46 PM

Wow, what a completely perfect and satisfying evening we just spent with the Jayhawks! First here, I'm going to post the setlist so Sandy can add it to her collection, and I'll write up my review to follow this in my next post, part II. I will say that I only talked to Gary after the show and not before the show....so I was totally surprised and taken when he suddenly puts his hand up to shade his eyes from the stage lights to try to see into the audience and says something like, "Where's LiladyK by the way? Where are you? LiladyK, we're gonna do a song for you that we haven't done in 11 years, but we're gonna try to get thru this". So then people in the audience turn to me and start pointing at me, saying "she's right here!"

So if that isn't cool 'nuff, right before WFTS, he says almost the same thing again...."WHERE is LiladyK by the way? Where is she? I wanna meet up w/you after the show we got a lot to talk about"

1) Stumbling Through The Dark
2) Angelyne
3) What Led Me To This Town
4) Take Me With You When You Go
5) Nevada, California (Gary dedicates this to me :))
6) You Look So Young (and this one was for me too :))
7) Save It For A Rainy Day
8) Jennifer Save Me
9) Tampa to Tulsa
10) Waiting For The Sun
11) Trouble
12) I'd Run Away
13) Lights
14) Bottomless Cup
15) I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
16) All The Right Reasons
17) Baltimore Sun
18) Clouds
19) Somewhere In Ohio
20) Blue

21) Settled Down Like Rain (acoustic)
22) a made up song about Travis (of the Sadies)
23) Break My Mind
24) Tailspin
25) Sister Cry

the show was about 2 and a half hours long :cool:

Ok, so part two of my review is forthcoming......but a lil later. I'm just really tired right now. Plus my life's responsibilities are calling me. Like I'm supposed to be working on my program adverts for work right now, but where am I instead? Sneaking over here to the fanpage yet again;)

11-22-2003, 05:38 PM
Look forward to your part two post. For me the review section is a vicarious road trip without having to leave my mouse pad.

11-22-2003, 10:40 PM
First time in 11 years for Nevada, California (and dedicated to you)??? That's quite an honor, LiladyK!! Looking forward to more anecdotes. Setlist looks wonderful.

11-23-2003, 12:21 AM
Holy Crap! Huge Thumbs up to The Jayhawks for playing Nevada C1 WOW Lilady, that must have been on heck of an honor.

I wish I was at that show. Unbelievable. What a cool, thing to do.

11-23-2003, 10:19 AM
'Course, Nevada California was played up through '95, but only a geek would point that out... :)

11-23-2003, 10:24 AM
From Heathrow I read this; Nevada was played. A Olson song which Gary wouldn,t touch for so many years. Congrats!

11-23-2003, 01:46 PM
5) Nevada, California

Played it last night in Milwaukee as well! Very nice...

11-23-2003, 02:48 PM
Damnit! I missed Milwaukee too. Please come to Chicago hawks!

11-25-2003, 06:32 AM

The Mill is really clean, quaint, intimate...sound quality is excellent in that little place. Might be the best sound quality yet that I've heard in a bar type venue. I think Scott said Gary told him that the owner's wife is a friend from Mpls. (um, if I recall). The people and staff are really nice. The beer always tastes great there and is not overpriced. All other Jayhawks shows we've been right up front, but I was so glad this time that I wasn't, due to the rowdys up there. And I could see everything well from where I was. Thanks to the kindness of management they let us stand on the tables, I was high over everyone else's head. During Jennifer Save Me, Gary had to say to a bunch up front "whoa, stop....let's start this song over, you guys are gonna have to settle down cuz I can't hear myself".

The Sadies were awesome....I really think they love the Jayhawks. It was so obvious the Sadies have been influenced by them in their music, I heard it all throughout their set. They also thanked the Jayhawks about 6 times for letting them tour w/them.

~so, now the opening song, Stumbling Through The Dark....there's some kind of magic in this song, each time I've heard it live, it feels like I'm being sent a rush of electricity, I get the chills. Lots of other Jayhawks songs do that to me too, but this one does it the strongest. What a perfect opener and mood setter. Scott freaked when they played "Somewhere In Ohio", (hadn't heard that one since we saw em on Smile tour I think). That's the song Scott regularly plays first whenever he picks up his guitar, one of his favorites. He's spent lots of time trying to copy Gary's guitar. (He's struggling now to get that one fast guitar part on "Clouds".....). Other Highlights for me were Lights, of course, and Break My Mind too! (heard em do that one at jammin' at the Zoo in Chicago, sent me reelin!). And Nevada....wow, Tim said lead vocals too, major surprise. Great job they did together on this.

We were thrilled at how long the show was, as long as First Ave shows!!....the guys seemed freshly rested and really happy to be there. Except for Marc. God, I miss his smile. The last time that I saw Marc in person when he seemed really happy was at a HOB show in Chicago a while back now. Early on that night, he spotted us in the bar just before Iffy went on, put his arm on my shoulder and said "Hey hi! It's good to see you again!" But, I've seen him kind of "totally go down and withdraw" since then.... Fri. nite I've never seen him quite THIS withdrawn tho, and so I hope things get better for him:(

Ok, so after this fabulous show, I make my way toward the bathroom, then back to the bar to buy myself another Blue Moon (man did those taste smooth that night!) But that didn't take me very long and I see Gary already out talking to the crowd. As I go to set my stuff down on a table, I glance to my left, Gary and Scott are together walking towards me. Now Scott has talked to Gary before at past shows, maybe even more so than I have, but he never had formally introduced himself before. This time he said "Hi Gary, I'm Mr. LiladyK".

He reached out to hug me as I thanked him for his two song dedication. I couldn't express to him (like I really wanted to) what an effect that had on me, I couldn't put it into words, the feeling is indescribable. Out of all the singer/songwriter artists in the entire wordly realm of music, both really famous and not so famous, both past and present, I personally put his own talent above ALL of them. I mean I listen to other music, but all of his stuff is the only music that I keep coming back to over and over again....now here he was calling out my name during his set, not just once, but twice.

We had a really nice talk. We talked a lot about the fanpage. Reminisced about how totally star struck and nervous I was the first time I met him....and now we've been to 'nuff shows, that he seems real familiar to me, I was relaxed. He said he felt like he wanted to do something special for me. He had been having thoughts of playing "You Look So Young" for me and then he told BlueAmy this in Omaha. When she told him "oh, you HAVE to play that for her" he said that's when he knew for sure that he just had to play it. It's the element of the surprise that help makes it the most special, ya know? More special than if I had requested it even ....

Just briefly some things about the fanpage discussion I think I should say because I think he would prob. want me to say these things:

Gary is really very affected by all of our posts. He really is. He reads most of them and remembers who said what, etc. The recent Lucinda thread really bothered him.....:(

He started quoting lines from my various posts, also was genuinely concerned about our most recent negative experience at First Ave. with the audience situation. He said after he read my review of the show he was upset w/me because he thought I didn't like his performance! Then he said "I thought to myself, here I am crawling on my belly trying to please her, what else can I do? I know that you have problems with the audience there tho" I was shocked when he said that, cuz I loved his performance and didn't mean to give him that impression. When he halfway rips his shirt off, boy does that ever light me up. That's the third time I've seen him "almost" rip his shirt off. Geeez, if he does that "almost" thing again, I WILL crawl up there myself and finish ripping it off for him...eeyih :eek:

Anyway, I was just in an extremely frustrated mood when I wrote that review. Stressful getting out of here anyway, I was so busy struggling w/my own issues that night (and Scott almost got into two REALLY bad unrelated fist fights, and he is a real gentle type guy). You drive up across the border out of devotion for your favorite band, and then you're not even allowed to enjoy the show. But we've had positive F.A. experiences in the past, like last December, that was real pleasant. Anyway, Then I get sexually harrassed in September. I wanted sooooo badly to stay after and talk to all my friends, and then things got worse when I found out that I blew my chance to meet Ed Ackerson. I still want him to know that his work on the Jhs bonus disc is genius. I'd love to see him do their whole next album ...God, there's just gotta be future albums/shows. Gary said "I don't really know if we're gonna be doing much more because the Mpls. fans aren't willing to really let us grow and expand out beyond First Ave. They want to keep us all to themselves" <<EDIT....G.L. CLARIFIED THAT HE DID NOT MEAN "JUST THE MPLS. FANS">>He didn't really seem happy about that.

His signature glasses...he said they are from a bargain basement in St. Paul. (Scott said that he said it was below his eye doctor's office, but I don't remember him saying that part of it). They are from the 1940's:cool: I really dig that total look that he has, SOL cover has my favorite artwork out of all the CDs. The reflection of the band in his glasses on the front. Brilliant.

I had to know for sure that he got our "Get Well" card. Both of us devastated....couldn't think of much else until we were certain he was gonna be ok. Felt like my own heart had actually left my chest and jumped into my stomach for days and days....

So our night together just carried on........then he put his arm around me and said "I'm gonna have to take off now" and that's when I handed him an envelope w/the 3 mystery demos/rehearsals discs. These are such strong recordings, I wanna see him make $$ from them, it's driving me crazy that they haven't brought in $$ for him. And his sweet humor....he takes the envelope and slowly brings it to his nose, closes his eyes and sniffs it, says something sort of like "ah the scent of LiladyK", then put it up to his heart and patted it. LOL

Fan4ever all the way from British Columbia walked up and joined us in our convo too, that was great meeting her, she's so nice!!

I apologize for lengthy Part II, but this night is so permanently embedded in my memory, and I'm a very fast typer, before I know it I've written a damn novel:rolleyes:

I wanna wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving, I love all of you, Jayhawks fans loyalty never dies.....like rock and roll never will (Neil Young)

11-25-2003, 07:04 AM
Thank you LiladyK for sharing this. Obviously you had a great time because you are still glowing. Any scoops on the future of the band / touring in 2004??

11-25-2003, 07:58 AM
Thanks for sharing all of that detail from your offstage time with Gary. It is a treat to get vicarious exposure to him via your post. He seems so grateful for your support of the band and your contributions to the board. If that isn't the mark of a guy who hasn't let success go to his head, what is?? :cool:

Sorry to hear your observations about Marc. Someone mentioned that he might be under the weather on an earlier thread. Touring has to be pretty tough on the body and spirit. I hope that in the long run all is well.

11-25-2003, 09:26 AM
Originally posted by LiladyK

Gary is really very affected by all of our posts.

He started quoting lines from my various posts,

sharpen up me pokin' stick,
illbecominhome was right,
Muskytoes is gonna hafta ZIP the LIP a bit
or get stuffed with oats
and thrown into a boiling pot

For the record I'm all for Jayhawks shows at sit down type venue's, small theatre's like the Fitzgerald in St. Paul. One place I don't think they've played

NY Fan
11-25-2003, 10:10 AM
//...future albums/shows. Gary said "I don't really know if we're gonna be doing much more because the Mpls. fans aren't willing to really let us grow and expand out beyond First Ave. They want to keep us all to themselves" He didn't really seem happy about that...//

Well, this is pretty sad: Seems to me that Gary is feeling like the main fanbase is not willing to support the band's growth if they go in non-altcountry directions.

And whether or not this is true -- and I don't think it is entirely true -- this is what the guy who makes the decisions seems to feel, at least right now. (I'm reading "Mpls. fans" as shorthand for the long-time, die hard fans... not literally as a geographic thing.)

But when it comes time to decide if there is a next record, I hope Gary remembers that there are plenty of people here who LOVE LOVE LOVE their greatest sonic adventure, the sublime Sound of Lies... along with everything else they've done.

And I do believe that RDM has brought in new fans, and I hope and think they are going to the back catalogue, too, and will buy a new record if/when one is made. This is no time to give it up.

I personally want to encourage this band to do whatever the hell they want to do -- the drunken record, another rootsy record, a record of all 70s covers, I don't care. Keep creating, keep growing, and don't feel that you need to remake HTH, TTGG... or, for that matter, Sound of Lies.

Thanks, Kim, for the rare inside view into the Mind of Gary.

-- GM

11-25-2003, 11:25 AM
Thanks sweety. I like your posts--mine are short because I hate to type.

I don't get it. Why let people put them in a box? For God's sake keep em guessing. People are gonna talk no matter what. People are gonna have opinions no matter what they do, so I think they should do what feels right.

11-25-2003, 12:42 PM
Originally posted by LiladyK
to clarify here.....no, he WAS talking geographically about the Mpls. fans, not die hard fans in general. We were talking about my recent posts where I was saying stuff like "you guys, they've outgrown F.A., let that venue go and accept that they've outgrown it cuz they're so popular there that they need to have room to grow when they're home and that way they can make more $$" and the majority of locals were disagreeing w/me and insisting that the band playing a bigger venue in Mpls. would be a bad thing. First Avenue is a fun, sweaty, often drunken time, but i'd follow the Jayhawks to any room in this town that they want to play in. The Guthrie was one of the best shows EVER. if they want to play a bigger room, i'll be there!
whether it be the Fitz, or the State, or the Xcel Energy Center, I'll be there, and so will most of the "locals".
Gary, don't be discouraged by any perception of Mpls. fans trying to keep you in one place, figuratively -or literally. Please, always do what you want to do, and not what you think people expect of you.

(i actually saw them at the Xcel opening for csn- gary's effects on 'Trouble' made his acoustic guitar perfect for that "arena rock guitar solo")

11-25-2003, 01:23 PM
I agree.

We'll go see them anywhere. Really.

My favorite shows by far have been at First Avenue, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to stand up front in such an intimate place (and will again in just one short month! thank you!). I also appreciate the loyalty the band has shown to the club. However, when it's time to move on then move on. Just because we love that dirty old club doesn't mean we won't be standing up front wherever they play.

But Target Center is too much of a leap, and so is Xcel. So where should they play? I love a good outdoor show, but face it, itís too cold here to rely on outdoor venues alone, and sadly we lack a good amphitheater (altho Midway Stadium is nice). I think the Fitzgerald, Pantages, and Womans Club are all too small (capacity under 1000?). Possibilities: The State (2100), Orpheum (2600) or Northrup (4800)? Maybe Roy Wilkins auditorium?

If in fact the band does read these posts, I hope that they know we speak somewhat from nostalgia because it's been great having the kind of access we've had here in Minneapolis, and we know that with greater success that access disappears. But anyone who doesn't support the growth of their favorite band is a fool.

11-25-2003, 04:36 PM
I'm feeling a lot of love on this board right now. And I just want to add that I would follow The Jayhawks anywhere. I don't care where they play, as long as they play. I was lucky enough to be able to see them 5 times in the past year. It doesn't matter how many times I got lost trying to find a venue or how much money I've spent on hotel rooms and gas and food... the bottom line is, that when they are up there on that stage, I am the happiest person in the world at that moment. And maybe that sounds cheesy but, it's addiciting, and that's why I keep going back. That's why I support this band. And that's why I'd be heartbroken if they ever quit.


11-25-2003, 04:53 PM
Gary must be smarter then listening to some ol' farts wanting to play the Jayhawks FA 25 times a year. Wasn't the discussion linked to Wilco playing bigger venues and attracting people who come just for the hype? That's an all different matter!!

In my opinion, the Jayhawks never listened to the fans and luckily we have now a collection of very different albums, line-ups and tours. Because they do their own thing. Which are all very inspiring and share some many good songs and shows.

So keep it up, never listen to fans. And stop reading this website. Your music is enough.

11-25-2003, 05:26 PM
Originally posted by muskytoes
For the record I'm all for Jayhawks shows at sit down type venue's, small theatre's like the Fitzgerald in St. Paul. One place I don't think they've played

The Fitz (Garrison Keillor's home base) has one up on the Guthrie too in that you can bring a beverage to your seat during the show.

But then they might change their minds about that after the first Jayhawks show...

11-25-2003, 08:20 PM
poor little fish, you couldn't have said it better. This is exactly how I feel too. Addicted is right! I was lucky enough to see them 8 times this year, which is six times more than any other non local band (the Dead I was dragged to 3 times years ago, and I don't even like them..just was always friends with deadheads! so that doesn't count) I too will go where ever, if I can continue to do so, just to hear them. And I'll consider myself lucky!

11-26-2003, 12:43 AM
Originally posted by poorlittlefish
the bottom line is, that when they are up there on that stage, I am the happiest person in the world at that moment. And maybe that sounds cheesy but, it's addiciting, and that's why I keep going back. That's why I support this band. And that's why I'd be heartbroken if they ever quit.

That's pretty much how I feel about all my favorite bands. Concerts make me happy. It gets frustrating for me when people at school are all "you're seeing (insert band here) again?!?!?! isn't once enough?"

It's good to find people who agree with me that the shows are addicting. Whenever I learn of a show I can get to, I have the goofiest grin on my face, and I love that feeling.

Hopefully I won't be out of IA the next time the Jayhawks come to IA.

11-26-2003, 05:59 AM
Originally posted by mystic_spiral_3

That's pretty much how I feel about all my favorite bands. Concerts make me happy. It gets frustrating for me when people at school are all "you're seeing (insert band here) again?!?!?! isn't once enough?"

Once? Ha - never enough! :)

I'm going to peruse the tour dates archive & check my Jayhawks numbers. My guess is that I'm in the low to mid 30s - not including the upcoming 3 at First Ave.

And even *that's* not enough...

11-27-2003, 06:42 PM
Wow! I was late for this thread, sorry Kim... and thanks for sharing this very personal moment of your life. Thanks go too to Gary for his thoughts and worries for what some crazy fellows (we) write here. Thank you all

11-29-2003, 08:43 AM
Lilady (and anyone else interested),

Sorry to be so tardy about posting my version of the concert in Omaha, but as soon as I got back to KC, I had a deluge of papers and tests to catch up on, so here I am, belatedly filling you in on all the gory details. Amazing it took me so long, considering how damn EXCITED I was...

Anyway, about two hours before leaving KC to drive to Omaha for the Sokol show, I was perusing the board and posted on a thread involving concert ettiquite. I happened to mention that I would be driving to Omaha that night for the show...

So I pack, I drive, I eat, I go to the Auditorium. It was pretty empty when the Sadies went on, and I managed to be FRONT and CENTER with no problems for gazing up at Gary the whole night. :)

The Jayhawks come on and I am enthralled, etc, and after about the fourth song Gary shields his eyes and peers out into the crowd and asks, "so is blueamy here tonight?"

This is where I pretty much became a drooling, star-struck fool! I yelled out, "Oh my God that's ME!!!" (I know, brilliant response). So in front of the whole audience Gary thanked me for coming all the way to the show that night!!!! He also mentioned that we probably didn't think that he read the web board, but they keep an eye on it every now and then. Then he said that he was going to see LiladyK at the next show in Iowa. I remembered standing next to you (lilady) at the September FA show and if I recalled correctly, you called out for them to play "You Look so Young" a few times. So when Gary mentioned that he would see you the next night, I asked him to put that song on the setlist.

I watched the rest of the show (which was a nice change, since I have only seen them at crowded, sweaty venues in MN--although those are great too) and after the show managed to talk to Gary for a minute or two. We spoke briefly about the board and how they must take the good with the bad on it, his glasses, the IA show, and the December FA shows.

So, Lilady, I am the one who asked Gary to play YLSY for you. I am ecstatic that he remembered!:D I hope that's the one you wanted to hear that night at FA (I had a few beers, but hopefully not THAT many!). I loved the Jayhawks before this experience, but now I have even more respect and admiration for their devotion to their fans. It was so worth it when I had to leave Omaha to head back to KC at 5 am the next morning to get to work on time! :p

Less than a MONTH to the FA shows,

11-30-2003, 03:55 PM
that's really cool Amy....Nat. J. wrote to me all about it! So ya kinda wonder who is the next fan to get called out at some future show. It'd be fun to hear about, could be any of the board kids, so keep your ears open. My experience, I didn't go nutz or anything, I'm more of the subdued quiet type. Being so far in back didn't help identify me either, the reason why I got called twice :o

I hear ya about bein' so swamped in work. This new promotion I've taken on at the park dist. wasn't supposed to begin until Jan., now they've decided that they like my contributions so much, I've had to start adjusting for it just before T-giving, without warning for preparation....and "almost" double my work hours, more field work than computer work, I won't be able to sneak over here much at all (when I'm supposed to be working) anymore:(

But this is my dream career, and I am ecstactic about the changes (not just the $ increase, the personal satisfaction is immeasurable)....a new season of my life. :D

so...keep shining on all you "shiny happy" and "not so happy" people!;)

p.s.....btw, I now own a beautifully perfect and personable thorobred cat that is an icey white/blue-grey.... named "Glacier Blue". Honest, wasn't my idea, the kids came up w/it. I thought it was a funny coinkeydink :p

<<<Edit Oh yeah, almost forgot.....made note of the correction in my Part II review. The only thing I can think of to explain it is this:

"fans in Minneapolis" sounds like "fans not willing to let us" in a bar room full of chatter surrounding our discussion....anyway, like I stated earlier, I only mentioned it here because he said he didn't think they were going to be doing much more in the future. Maybe that's something that he will choose to elaborate on more at some point, of course, that's up to him....>>>

12-04-2003, 04:34 PM
Nice reading Gang, but seriously.....(Ok, last Phil Collins reference )

I hope all band members of any rock'n'roll outfit would realize that these boards are not to be taken that seriously. Based on the fact there's no ramifications, discourse can & often does turn ugly. Frankly, this one of the better behaved ones I've been on.

On the direction of the band, Gary has to realize that any artist who changes direction is going to lose some of their fanbase. Few artists are allowed total leeway in what the want to do, it's just a fact. John Lennon said it best:

"After all is said and done you can't go pleasin' everyone
So screw it..."

Of course easy for me say :)